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Thursday, 27 June 2013

What's Your Favourite Romance Novel? Mid Week update

The last 3 days have been exciting! There's over 85 titles which have been voted for so far!

There's still time to enter the giveaway to win one of two $25 Amazon Gift cards. (Click here to be redirected to the entry page and tell me your favorite romance titles.) And don't forget to share this page!

So here are the top titles up until Wednesday 26th: 
  1. Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
  2. Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella
  3. Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella 
  4. Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding
  5. The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

And the authors with the most books/votes so far:
(up until Wednesday 26th June)

  1. Sophie Kinsella
  2. Linda Howard
  3. Abbi Glines
  4. Jill Mansell
  5. Nicholas Sparks


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CLP Tainted Love Tour - Curling Up With A Good Book

“Happy Birthday, Mommy!” Aww! They looked so cute.

“Can we have pancakes now, Daddy?” Zoe cheered.
Pancakes for breakfast on a school day? Not likely. Cal would fly into a rage if I served them anything more than fruit and cereal for breakfast before school. But he placed two plates with two smiley faced pancakes and syrup in front of the girls, then smiled at me.
“Close your eyes.” He wrapped his hand around my eyes. “No peeking,” he said, shuffling me forward.
The hairs rose on the back of my neck. The last time he put his hand around my eyes he’d surprised me with a candle lit bathroom and a romantic bath for two. There’d been good vibes that night, lots of good vibes… and I missed it when the vibe changed. I hadn’t seen it coming.

Hop on over to Curling Up With A Good Book to find out what happened next.


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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

CLP Tainted Love Tour - The Autumn Review

How does Faith handle what Caitlyn saw?
She burst out of nowhere, D. She was screaming at the top of her lungs. “Get off my mommy!” Suddenly she was between us. She was kicking and punching and pushing at John. “Don’t you dare hurt my mommy!”

“Whoa.” John’s hand dropped mine and he stepped back, his jaw slack and his eyes wide as he looked from Cate to me. “What the devil?”

Cate continued her fierce defense, but she was crying, and I knew I’d made a huge mistake. I shouldn’t have lied to her. I shouldn’t have pretended it never happened. I hadn’t protected her from it at all.

Read more at The Autumn Review: TAINTED LOVE by Erin Cawood Excerpt &; Giveaway:


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CLP Tainted Love Excerpt Tour - Excerpt #10

Its Halloween! Come find out how Faith and her family celebrate.

Are you having flashbacks of the lycra cat suit with the homemade ears, whiskers, and the feather boa tail, D? So you should, you made it! I didn’t tell you I’ve bought one this year and Gawd, it’s awful! I felt so self-conscious. Where do I start? It’s strapless, it laces up, it gives certain areas more and others less and it’s not suitable for public consumption! But it’s the only one I could find.
 Read more at DWED


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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

CLP Tainted Love Excerpt Tour - Excerpt #9

Evolved World has the next excerpt in the Tainted Love Excerpt Tour

Of course, I didn't sleep. I sat in the window seat watching the moonlight
on the lake, closed my eyes for a bit, let the deep relaxing breaths take me
away somewhere nice and cozy... but he's still there. He's always there.
He's always waiting to wake me up.
Read more as Evolved World


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Monday, 24 June 2013

What's Your Top Three Romance Novels?

Last week CLP Tours launched the Tainted Love Excerpt Tour, allowing readers to get inside the pages of Tainted Love. As part of the tour I'm hosting a giveaway with the chance to win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards. To enter this giveaway all you have to do is follow this link and tell me your top 3 favourite romance novels. 

After a week, here are your suggestions so far

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella
Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella
Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella
The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks 
Arranged by Catherine MacKenzie
Spin by Catherine MacKenzie
Savannah Breeze by Mary Kay Andrews
Savannah Blue by Mary Kay Andrews
Dream Man By Linda Howard 
MacKenzie's Mountain by Linda Howard
A Walk in the Park by Jill Mansell
Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Callie Khouri
Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot
Up in the Air Series by R.K. Lilley
Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding
To Win His Wayward Wife by Rose Gordon
This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Best of Friends by Cathy Kelley
Lighthouse Bay by Kimberely Freeman
A Girl Like Me by Gemma Burgess
Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey
Mile Til Midnight Lisa Kleypas
Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medieros
Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Proof by Seduction by Courtney Milan
One for the Money by Janet Evanovich
It Had to be You by Jamie McGuire
Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski
Never Too Far by Abbie Glines
The Help by Kathy Stockett

So far the Top authors are:

1. Sophie Kinsella
2. Jill Mansell
3. Nicholas Sparks
4. Emily Griffin


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Saturday, 22 June 2013

CLP Tainted Love Excerpt Tour - Excerpt #8

We're fast forwarding a few years in the next excerpt
"Did you have fun today, Faith?" He asked as my foot landed at the bottom of the stairs.

My Cal-sense went haywire. I knew that tone of voice. No children present equaled no protection. The hairs stood up on the back of my arms. My eyes flickered around the entrance hall. The house still remained in almost complete darkness. That's when I realized I had no idea where he was. He could have been in any of the four rooms leading away from where I stood. 

Want to know what happened next? Head on over to ai love books to read the rest of the excerpt.


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CLP Tainted Love Excerpt Tour - Excerpt #7

We left Faith and Cal as they reconciled after months of heartbreak. What happened next...

You know, this was the first and only time we were ever caught by the children. I thought he’d be angrier, or at least as angry as I was embarrassed. I mean, I knew it would happen eventually, but still prayed it never did.
I mean you… you always seemed to have ESP for this kind of behavior. You’d knock before you came in and you didn’t come in our room without permission. But Caleb, he just wandered right in.
“Mom, I’m starving. What’s for dinner?”
We shuffled and I scrambled, but Cal wrapped his arm around my waist and said, “No, you and me are staying right here.” He placed a kiss on my lips. “Tell Georgia to order takeout, there’s money in my wallet.”

Read the rest of the excerpt at Karma For Life

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The Book Bag: On Tour: Tainted Love by Erin Cawood, an Excerpt a...

The Book Bag: On Tour: Tainted Love by Erin Cawood, an Excerpt a...: For anyone in a relationship, the words 'we need to talk' can only mean one thing. In the last twenty-two years, the McKenzies ...

"You know…” I tried to keep things light between us. I always tried to keep things light between us, because the alternative was just too hard to bear. “You really shouldn't sneak up on a woman who's holding a paring knife."
A feather light touch hovered at my waist. I thought I’d imagined it, but every nerve went into overdrive. I was hyperaware of just how close he was to me. Then his hand fully slipped around my waist and pulled me against him. My heart skipped. His lips nuzzled into the side of my neck and the rest of me flew skywards. I swear I never thought this day would ever come. And then a dozen roses, white roses, appeared in front of me.


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Friday, 21 June 2013

Have you joined the Hayle Coven Universe Yet?

Yes? The you'll know how fabulous the stars of Patti Larsen's various Hayle Coven series are. 
No? Well you should! And for this weeks Friday Feature I'm going to tell you why I adore this series.

But first I have an awesome giveaway... and must say a huge thank you to Patti Larsen for her generosity.

I have a chance for you get your hands on the 1st three books in the Hayle Coven Novels series (e-book format), so that's Family Magic, Witch Hunt and Demon Child.

Same as always guys, comment on this blog to enter. :)

The Hayle Coven Novels

It all began with Sydlynn, daughter of an all powerful witch Miriam Hayle and Demon Lord of the seventh plain Haralthazar, or Harry in his human form. An outcast at school and weirded out by her family magic, Syd just wants to be normal. 
I'm on record saying how the beginning of Syd's story, Family Magic, changed my life. Both as a writer and as a reader, I'd never enjoyed the first person point of view until I picked up the first in this twenty novel series by Patti Larsen, and also discovered the Young Adult genre at the same time. I dropped my romantic genre prejudices and found a new favourite author. 
Every novel in this series seems just as good if not better than the one preceding it. The whiny teenage who rejected her family as much as she did her powers has blossomed into a fine young woman, coven leader and around super witch destined to save the world. 
But what's even more amazing is Syd, given her maturity, responsibility, expectations and nineteen novels has remained the same, side splitting funny and snarky character throughout, no matter where her journey has taken her, or the cost.
This universe is littered with the most endearing characters, I don't know where to start. But I guess it has to be the Cat. No ordinary house cat, Sassafras has a demon heritage and banished into the body of a Persian for his wrong doings on the demon plane. He's spent one hundred and fifty years with the Hayles and he's the most stubborn, snarky and entertaining cat you'll ever come across. Not content to let Syd have all the limelight he even has his own book.
Grams, love Grams. And although she spends the first four books locked inside her own mind, where at the time tequila and chocolate could only stop Grams from going on magical rampages, Syd has a special bond with Grams unlike anything you've seen before. The dialogue between Syd and her grandmother is laugh out load funny. And I cannot tell you how much I love Grams. 
Miriam, Syd's Mom, is a mighty powerful witch in her own right. She's often the  one the magical kingdom turns to in time of trouble and as much as Miriam is the one Syd turns to, Mom is the one Syd rebels against the most. Time and time again, Syd clashes with Miriam's authority as she fights for what is fair, for justice, and the right thing to do rather than taking the action deemed okay by magical law. 
Harry, Syd's  Dad, is fighting his own destiny. We're shown several times Haralthazar is a big, mean, scary demon, but he showers Syd and her sister with love and even calls his daughter cupcake, much to Syd's displeasure. That's just the start of the father-daughter relationship. Harry is Syd's hero and she fights for her parents right to their witch-demon relationship over and over. You need several boxes of tissues across several novels when it comes to Syd's relationship with her Mom and Dad. 
Meira, Syd's kid sister. Unlike Syd, Meems is more demon than witch and has to disguise her demonic form from the normals. We watch Meira grow from a little girl ashamed of her demon half and living in the shadow of her sister, to become strong and powerful as she embraces her own destiny. Syd and Meems have the true bonds of sisterhood. they clash, they fight, they slam doors in each others faces, but no one messes with the Hayle Sisters and they're a formidable force when they stand up for one another, or together as proven by the totally awesome First Plane
Syd sets out for one thing, and I think every teenager wants that same thing; to be normal, to fit in, to be accepted. Attending a 'normals' high school is tough for a witch. She's automatically a outcast because they know she's different, they just don't know why. But over the course of the series Syd gathers a group of friends, characters whom from the start are important, it's fascinating to watch them grow as Syd's destiny unfolds. Her future binds her to all magical races and Syd becomes recognised and accepted by them, but not without one or two battles to prove herself worthy along the way.
Just like every other teen, Syd faces the prospect of romance and heartbreak, and it all starts with a normal, football star Brad. Mix this with the complication of her demon half preferring new coven member Quaid and Syd's many boy troubles have just begun. As Syd's powers develop so does her heart, the yummilious boys just keep turning up, the attractions fed by the different powers and connections to the various planes that control Syd's future. Figuring out which one of these boys Syd is going to end up with in the end is part of the joy of HCN. Patti Larsen writes in a way that she never fails to surprise you and if you look on Patti Larsen's facebook page you'll see everyone has their favourite. Mine? The vampire. Don't ask me why. I'm not a follower of the recent vampire movement in the entertainment industry, to the point where I haven't seen an episode of True Blood, or a Twilight movie, I haven't even read the books. But, for me, there's just something about that vampire. 
We're now at book nineteen of twenty in what has been a rollercaster of less than two years. (Yes, people twenty books in less than two years.) I don't think I've laughed, or cried, or clung on, or craved the next book in the series so much. I drop everything when I get that email telling me the next HCN is waiting for me and recent the real world when I can't. I could not pick out a favourite from in the entire Hayle Coven Novels series. It's so sad that this series is coming to an end. 
But this isn't the end of the Hayle Coven Universe. There's the Hayle Coven Histories, the Hayle Coven Destinies and not to mention Sassafrass's book and Meira is taking centre stage sometime in the Autumn. 

I love the Hayle Coven Novels its almost always gets five stars from me. So here's your chance to discover why I fell in love with this series. Whether you're a die hard fan or just hearing about it for the first time comment below to enter for your chance to win these three e-books.


You can read all of my reviews for the Hayle Coven Novels here, and my reviews for Patti Larsen's other books here, and if you haven't joined the Hayle Coven universe, you start with Family Magic here.


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Coven Leader by @PattiLarsen (HCN#19)

Warrior Bride

I felt Liam reach for me, turned again, train of worry broken, beaming, full of joy. And for a long, seemingly endless moment, it was he and I and the magic singing between us.

Congratulations, Ameline's mental voice broke through my happiness and slapped my temper so hard my demon howled in fury. For saddling yourself with further baggage. She laughed coldly. Well done.

I cut her off, Liam's power thrumming with concern as I shook my head, wedding night mood ruined.

The bitch.

Syd’s made her choice, marrying Liam, much to the pleasure of the High Council and her family. But her honeymoon is cut short when Fate comes calling at last. Syd’s final confrontation with the Brotherhood leads her into more danger than she’s ever faced—and throws her headlong into a last battle even her power might not be enough to overcome…
My Swearword!

Coven Leader Review

I confess I wasn't overly impressed by Syd's choice. My preference is the vampire clan leader, Sebastian. But until now he's been awaiting Syd to rescue him from the clutches of the Brotherhood's inference with his clan. But Coven Leader opens beautifully and yet again Patti Larsen had emotions clogging up my throat. But the newlyweds are soon interrupted as Syd rescues Sebastian and no sooner is she home she's called into action again, leading her friends into the Enforcer Stronghold. Only to have Meira call to her from the Demon Plane.... And this is only the beginning of Coven Leader.... Yikes!

I'm warning you, you won't want to put this one down once you pick it up and you won't notice the hours sliding away because Coven Leader is a heart stopping, action packed, roller coaster. Syd finally joins forces with
Ameline to face their destiny. But Syd's family, the coven and the extended "family" in the other magical races she's adopted throughout her journey, which have become equally important to her, are threatened with tragedy beyond the Brotherhood. Syd's family and destiny collide in such away that Coven Leader is a painstakingly bittersweet investment worth every second .... And every teardrop. (Kleenex at the ready!) 

Buy Coven Leader (Hayle Coven Novels: Book Nineteen) at Amazon 


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Tainted Love Excerpt Tour - A Blue Million Books - Excerpt #5

Today there's two chances for you to get inside the pages of Tainted Love,

Then all I heard was screaming. My heart stopped. I flew out the door. Everyone was running in one direction. But not me. I froze at the porch. My eyes scanned the street. Where were you? I was looking for the most important three kids. No, two, because Caleb wasn’t there.

So far, I could only see Georgia. I saw the tears were pouring from her eyes. My heart dropped into my stomach. The fear, it lodged in my throat like a ball. “Darryl!”

I shot to the edge of the garden. The street was a war zone of twisted metal and tilting poles. Streets lights were held up by cables and solider like old oak trees.

“Someone call 911!” I yelled and pushed my way through the crowd. I dreaded what I’d find there. Some combination of you mangled with a car.

Get yourself on over to the A Blue Million Books to read the rest of this excerpt.


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Tainted Love Excerpt Tour and Giveaway - Regina May Ross - Excerpt #4

Here's another chance for you to get inside Faith and Cal's marriage. 

 Cal was as white as one of the sheets of paper still floating in the air. He was probably more stunned than I was. I couldn’t quite fathom what had just happened. He turned. I stepped. But how did his hand end up on my face? This just wasn’t possible. He just wouldn’t do that!

"Oh, God." The words gushed out on the air he breathed. No voice attached to them. "Faith, I'm sorry." Tears filled his eyes. "Faith, please...” He stepped forward, his hands hesitant as he reached for me. “Say something."
Check out the full except and giveaway at Regina May Ross


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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tainted Love Excerpt Tour and Giveaway - Ditzy Delusions - Excerpt #3

I visited Ditzy delusions on today to be greeted by a fabulous review of Tainted Love. 
Erin Cawood does not merely dip a toe into this subject matter, she dives all the way in to be engulfed by the magnitude of that which she is discussing. A well written novel with strong characters. Strong imagery resonates throughout and her words are left behind long after your reading is complete.

Find out what else Ditzy Delusions had to say about Tainted Love and read an excerpt from the novel. 


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Monday, 17 June 2013

Tainted Love Excerpt Tour and Giveaway - Chick Lit Chit Chat - Excerpt #2

Everything — the clothes, the feeling unwanted and unloved on Valentine’s Day, the fake labor pains, the just not wanting to be pregnant anymore — came out in three very angry, very loud words.
I’m not Emma!
I don’t think I ever raised my voice at Cal like that before. He looked stunned for a moment. Then his eyes darkened and his lips made a thin line, and he said, “No. No, you’re not. Emma would never have me racing to the hospital at four o clock in the morning with phantom labor pains!” I gasped at the venom in his voice. “One time, Faith? Fair enough. But two? Both times? I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life.” He walked out.

Get further inside the pages of Tainted Love over at Chick Lit Chit Chat


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Tainted Love Excerpt Tour & Giveaway - EveryFreeChance, except #1

Over dinner, Cal announced he was leaving the hospital to join Dad’s private practice, and I thought I knew what that meant…
Happy ever after… right?
That night, we walked along the beach to his favorite spot. As we sat with the waves lapping against the shore and the gulls picking at the remains of the outgoing tide, we talked. About the hospital, about Dad’s practice, about the future, about the fact Cal hadn’t contemplated even having a future for a long time.
“Faith…” His whisper carried on the early spring breeze.
We weren’t touching, but I felt a chill as he pulled away. He blocked off the tiny window I’d found into his soul. You see, men weren’t as touchy-feely twenty-odd years ago, so this small amount of emotional real estate carried a lot of value, and had an even higher price to lose.
“I’m falling in love with you,” he admitted.

Want to read some more ....?

Go on over to Every Free Chance to read the full excerpt and enter the giveaway.


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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Enforcer by @PattiLarsen (HCN#18)

Difficult Choices

Erica Plower’s eyes widened as she set her cup aside, glancing sideways at Mom. The former second of my coven, now my representative on Council, wasn’t exactly on my side. “The law is clear, Syd,” she said, blonde hair, once a cute bob, now grown out to rival my mother’s long, black locks. “And you’ve broken it. We’ve pushed our willingness to accept a little leeway, but with the approach of conclave…” She sat back as the others—minus Mom—murmured their agreement. “You must get married.”

So that’s what this was about. They’re worried about saving face? I sent the tight mental question to Mom.

Witches are always worried about appearances, she sent with a heavy dose of laughter in her voice.

Nice to see someone found my imminent doom amusing.

Conclave approaches, a full two months after Syd’s twenty-first birthday. With no husband decision in sight, she instead focuses on the gathering of witches come from the four corners of the globe to debate and create law. Her plan to scour all of witchdom for Brotherhood influence encourages Miriam to open the proceedings to every magical race. But, in doing so, she leaves the door gaping for the enemy to come knocking...

Enforcer Review

 This is probably the best Hayle Coven Novel so far!

 Enforcer sees the entire magical kingdom descend on Winding Springs for a conclave to secretly scout out the true effects of the Brotherhood thrall. As we know, diplomacy and politics are not Syd's strengths. She's overwhelmed with the goddess worship from others, boredom, and not to mention that small matter of the responsibilities, duties and expectations of her cover leader role. Syd's running out of time to choose between the men in her life who want to marry her and the one who loves her, doesn't want her to marry anyone else and yet won't marry her himself. It's a good thing the Brotherhood have a few tricks up their sleeves to keep Syd and her allies occupied. It's time for the rest of the magical kingdom to wake up and taste the bitter Brotherhood coffee Sydlynn Hayle style.

 Syd and her egos are totally on form, I giggled so much through Enforcer. Once again I've devoured the entire book in one sitting, lost time (because its early hours and I'm sure that much time couldn't have passed since I picked up my kindle). I love the way Larsen pulls surprises on you, as much as I thought I knew where the plot was heading the words 'I so did not see that coming' crossed my mind quite a few times. Even Syd's choice of husband surprised me. There's so many great things I could tell you about Enforcer, but I don't want to spoil it. It's another magical must read for everyone. 

The preview first chapter of HCN 19: Coven Leader is a mixture of heart warming and heart breaking, its torture. I still feel a little emotional. I can't wait to get my hands on it. :)

Buy Enforcer (Hayle Coven Novels: Book Eighteen) at Amazon.



Friday, 14 June 2013

HIDDEN by M. Lathan. @hiddenseries & @GoddessFish Present #GF_Hidden

Beyond My Writing Space is happy to welcome M. Lathan and Hidden from the Hidden Series. 

One randomly chosen commenter will win a $50 Amazon/ gift card. So remember to enter the drawer and leave you thoughts. 

The Deets .....  Hidden 

Sixteen-year-old Leah Grant has given up on being normal. She’d settle for stopping the voices in her head, intrusive visions of the future, and better odds of making it to her seventeenth birthday.

That’s the thing about pretending to be human in a world where magic used to exist – at any moment, her cover could be blown and she’ll be burned to death like the rest of the witches.

Everything changes when she loses control of her powers and flees the orphanage she grew up in. She desperately wants to be invisible but finds her face plastered on every news channel as humans panic over the possible resurgence of her kind. And now the hunters won’t give up until they find her.
Making friends for the first time in her life and falling in love with one of them drives her to discover why she is unlike any being she’s ever met – human or otherwise. The dangerous powers inside of her that would repel Nathan, her new, handsome reason for living, are priceless to some. The locked up forever kind of priceless. And to others, they are too dangerous to allow her to live.

Let’s hope she can stay hidden.

A Peek Inside .... excerpt from HIDDEN

Sienna snatched last week’s Chemistry test from my desk. I hadn’t turned it over. I knew it was a D minus.
She cackled and passed it around.
“Leah, you would think someone who spends most of her time alone would have better grades,” she said. Her birds laughed on cue. “What do you do all day? Obviously not study.” She gasped slowly like she’d gotten a revelation in that blonde head of hers. “You fantasize about us, don’t you? You probably sleep in Whit’s old bed to feel close to her.”
Laughter spread around the room like an airborne disease. Disease. I shivered. That was an intriguing thought; I could almost hear the sound their bodies would make against the floor when it hit.
“Leah, come on. Say something. Scream at me, it’s been a while. At least cry,” Sienna said, laughing and leaning into my desk, closer to danger.
I didn’t cry. I never cry. And if I were going to, it wouldn’t be because of Sienna. I had bigger problems. I’d just broken a promise I’d made to God to not think about hurting His people, His children. And today was not the day to piss Him off.
My old roommate, Whitney Nguyen, graciously returned my test as she cackled with the rest of the birds. She liked the idea of me pining over her, but she knew I didn’t spend my free time thinking about her or sleeping in her old bed. After fourteen years of hard labor as my roommate, she’d given up on being friends or me being remotely normal. The current theory to explain my oddness was that I was in love with all of the girls and consumed by lust.
As long as they didn’t know it was magic.

Who is M. Lathan...?


M. Lathan lives in San Antonio with her husband and mini-schnauzer. She enjoys writing and has a B.S. in Psych and a Masters in Counseling. Her passion is a blend of her two intere – creating new worlds and stocking them with crazy people. She enjoys reading anything with interesting characters and writing in front of a window while asking rhetorical questions … like her idol Carrie Bradshaw.  &nbsp
Twitter: @hiddenseries
Buy links: Amazon:

Follow the tour!  #GF_Hidden 


CLP Blog Tours: Tainted Love by Erin Cawood

Faith's story is going on tour!

Here are all the fabulous blogs where you'll be able to read a different excerpt from the first book in the Valentina Secrets series every day.

There's also a fab giveaway!
A big thank you to Samantha at CLP For organising the tour.

CLP Blog Tours: Tainted Love by Erin Cawood: Is it possible for a heart to survive twenty five years of abuse on the most intimate level? For anyone in a relationship, the words...

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