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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Excerpt - Life's A Ball?

I began writing Life's A Ball? way back in 2007. Finished the first draft in 2009 and Thought I was finally finished with it in 2011. But I'm not a 100% happy with it. I've not posted for a while I've been busy with my uni work and I'm currently writing the 2nd in the Valentina Secrets Series, Behind Closed Doors, but I thought I'd thought I'd introduce you to Elle and Adam.

Life's A Ball

There were some days when, with very little effort, her smaller than average figure, usually untameable blonde curls and soap and water maintained complexion surprised Elle.
   There were times when being in front of the floor length mirror in her walk in closet was like standing behind the iron railings at a blockbuster movie premiere in Leicester Square. Watching the hottest movie starlets strut their stuff on the red carpet. Unfortunately, today was not one of those days.
   Elle had done everything she possibly could in the last two hours. Yet, the hateful glass still reflected the monstrosity of a bruised plum rather than a stunning Hollywood starlet swathed in Byzantium satin. The gown had promised her lies as it hung ever-so elegantly on the hanger only moments ago.
   The hidden foam cups holding up her generous female assets felt too small. The gorgeous silver embellishment decorating underneath her bosom felt too loose. The panel it was hiding, like a Grecian crown, was strangling her rib cage. Hollywood royalty could wear silken second skins without reprisal. But, for Elle, the delicate material clung too close to every telltale sign that she was not someone who was on first name terms with the body builders in the gym.
   She felt like she was about to audition for a satellite infomercial to advertise the latest US exercise equipment. One with the tag line ‘You can go from this embarrassingly-exaggerated-before picture to this potentially-same-head-on-a-different-body image in just twenty eight days.’ Except, her audition picture would not be selected for the cleaned up after shot.
   What had she done to deserve this humiliation?
   On cue, Adam Lacey’s agitated voice bellowed from the foot of the stairwell “Elle, will you get your arse down here already!”

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Divided Heart by Patti Larsen (HCN #9)

Oh my! We left Syd in Wilding Springs as the new co-coven leader of the Hayle Coven and about to embark on college. With no first chapter I had no idea what to expect from Divided Heart. 

So ... Here comes Harvard. Syd is looking forward to a life where being a witch is normal. People won't reject her and trouble won't follow her. But hey, c'mon this is our Sydlynn, perpetual trouble magnet wearing sore thumb. Almost immediately Alison's echo is stirring up trouble trying to get the Vampire virus that feeds her life force. Then a series of teacher lead embarrassments, a jealous stand off, arguments, witchy slap downs, the Dumonts twins, Vampire nests, jerky boyfriends, pouring out true feelings from best friends and Syd is having a really tough couple of days.

Syd's old school friends are here too. Maths genius simon and Mia's ex-Blood but they soon get involved with witches and Syd is concerned. And rightly so, they're normals. But this time no one has her back. Her mom is doing everything by the book. Quaid is being a jerk about everything and the only people Syd can rely on is Sass the Cat, Grams' advice and Liam. And then Syd is attacked by vampires also after the vampire essence. It breaks free of its prison and settles in Syd. Cool new power or poisonous virus?

Poor Syd is learning just how tough being an adult and a coven leader really is. 

I really love this series

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