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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Book on the Month: The Search by Nora Roberts

FINALLY! I've found one I LOVED!

The relationship between the male and female lead characters jumped off the page!
On the search (no pun intended!) for a Nora Roberts novel that I'd fall in love with, I picked up 'The Search' because - believe it or not - because it was PURPLE! (Well the UK cover is Anyway! This is the cover from Amazon US)

The Search: The Basics - Fiona Bristrow is a professional Canine Search and Research trainer. Simon Doyle has a cute little puppy in need of training. He's moody, outspoken and the total opposite to friendly, straightforward and limitlessly patient Fiona. Professionally things are working out until a copycat serial killer decides to turns up the heat and Fiona's island hideaway is no longer safe. Whether he wants to or not Simon's instinct is to protect Fiona. Whether she wants to or not Fiona is falling for him.
I think the deference with this one is it was a feature length in comparison to the others I've read. It's well over five hundred pages, I'm a slow reader and I had difficulty putting it down. I had my nose in this one during lunch breaks from the minute I got home to the minute I went to bed. Hell, I even sacrificed my walk to and from work in favour of the bus to continue reading!

A definite must buy! 5/5

Well, she got me! I'm off to buy Black Hills.


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Monday, 23 May 2011

Book of The Month: A Perfect Proposal by Katie Fforde

When it comes to escapism? 
A Perfect Proposal by Katie Fforde is probably escapism at its best!

Recently I had some rather depressing news about my perma-migraine in the essence that its never going to go away. There's no cure. I spent four days wallowing in self pity over this news and then thought what better way to forget about my problems than in fictionworld?

A Perfect Proposal: The Basics - Sophia spends her whole life basically as a doormat for the rest of her family. So when she wakes up to how her family really see her, she swaps her life in England in New York, albeit for a few weeks, but they'll learn their lesson won't they? Whilst there she meets the lovely, English born, old dear Matilda. So when Sophie returns to England she hardly expects to hear from Matilda again, let alone expects her distrustful grandson, Luke, to seek Sophie out when he visits just a few weeks later. But Sophie would do anything for the dear old lady who took her in over the Thanks Giving weekend, even be hospitable to her infuriatingly arrogant grandson. 

Loved it! Absolutely loved it! I read it from cover to cover in one sitting. It made me laugh. Almost cry. So I gave it to my BFF when I visited two days later and she sat down with it the following day and same. Cover to cover!
Perfect 5/5!


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