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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Check Out My New Website!

As many of you know part of my university course involves web design. I've had this strange fascination with html coding and watching this combination of gobbledygook turn in something pretty neat for years. Especially now I have photoshop and flash skills and have been taught how to desigh for New Media. 

So I've been busy this month putting my new design skills into practise over at 


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Flesh And Blood By Patti Larsen (The Hayle Coven Novels #7)

Prepare for battle because the attacks are on all fronts!!!

Syd's magical world has been quiet for a while. Her boyfriend is still on his quest for revenge and her best friend is out of town. So she spending most of her life with the Sidhe Gatekeeper and new friend Liam. But her Demon-lord-stuck-in-a-human-body father is about to make her life explode.
By using forbidden blood magic he transfers his demon power to the family cat and returning Sassy to his human form. Syd is suddenly battling to safe her father's life first from coven law and then from the threat of remaining a powerless human. Amidst jumping between Earth and Demonicon, Syd must face the enemies from both inside and outside the coven.

Right from the beginning you're swept up into the drama of Syd's life. The turmoil of her relationship with Quaid and then her Dad goes and does something THAT stupid! Blood magic - How could he? Flesh and Blood is concentrated more on the Hayles as a family rather than the entire coven. Its a refreshing change and we get to learn a bit more about Syd's demonic third. We also learn much more about Syd. She grew up a lot in the last book, learned a lot about what she was capable of as a person. In this Flesh and Blood she learns much more about what she is capable of magically. And she's totally AWESOME!!! I can NOT wait for Full Circle (book 8).

Oh and a word of warning... you NEED a box of tissues for Flesh and Blood. It's heartbreakingly brilliant!!!

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Everyone's Talking about Summer 2012

I've just had a scary thought; 

it's officially the 2nd half of 2012 today

OMG! where is this year going? OMG! I get my end of year 1 results from university tomorrow... eek!

June's been a bit of a strange month for me. Call it divine intervention, fate, bad luck, or plain old ill-health but the dreadful M word attacked me at the end of May! I suffer from Migraine Aura's more than the migraine pain itself and this time it was mainly sensitivity to sound. No TV, No music, No talking, No fun! Picture me, hiding under a pillow while the kettle boiled - Go on ... its okay to laugh ... its hilarious!!! 

Well it is now, it wasn't then. It drove me nuts for 3 weeks!!! 

Its had both good and bad outcomes for my writing. 

  • I managed to write an entire novel called Tainted Love. Yay!
  • I have 5 new characters in the Valentina Secrets Series on the back of Tainted Love. Yay!
  • I did some web searching and got some really cool ideas and began redesigning my website. :-) (please bare with me on the transformation I'm uploading the new pages as I finish them.)  
  • I've had to postpone the release of my first novel. 
  • Not hitting that personal goal of publishing my first novel before the big three zero :-(   
However, I've sent Tainted Love out to betas and the feedback I'm getting it's amazing. They're really enjoying it. Faith's story is creating the impact I hoped to achieve and I'm now in the process of finding an editor, cover designer, etc.  So hopefully the delay won't be too long. 

Because we're at the years half way mark, I thought I'd look back at my New Year's Writing Resolutions ... oh that's right! I didn't make any - Hahahaha! ... This year I decided I was going to make a plan. I was going to look at the bigger picture. I'm aiming for long term success. 

So we're half way through 2012... what have I achieved?

Well, I've written 3 novels in the Valentina Secrets Series. Yay me! I've increased my social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Blogger, all though there are more networks to build on. And I'm using the skills I have learned during my 1st year at university to redesign So the long term plan is in action but there is still some way to go.  


Find out more about Tainted Love at 

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