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As a child I spent most of my days and nights writing poetry, short stories. At 13 I was inspired to write what would be classed in the industry as a novella, after discovering one of my all time favourite authors, Danielle Steel. Back then I would dream becoming a published author. Some things never change!
Five years ago I began writing Life's A Ball? Which is part of The Pink Ribbon Collection. The series follows the events that take place in a fictional town in Yorkshire called Bridgewater where five best friends walk through some of life's most enduring tests. I moved on to Devine Intervention Series and The Starlight Series both stemming  from novels written during the November frenzy of National Novel Writing Month before coming down with Valentina Secrets fever. I've never queried or submitted to an agent or publisher and have purposely chosen the path of an Independent Published Author.
In general I'd say iIts difficult to put me in a box - I'm a bit of a computer geek, but I'm not. I'm a bit of a book worm but I'm not. I'm a bit of a shy, quiet person and yet I believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to and therefore I'm self confident, if I have something to say then I'm a typical leo and boy, do I make my voice heard!

I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK and have a part-time job in a contact center and I also study New Media at University. I'm fascinated by all things web based - I love tweaking with my website and learning how to use new functions for it. I'm also a bit of a social networking fiend. I'm on twitter, Facebook, linked in, Goodreads! But my favorite place in the whole world is 'Fiction World' I am at my most relaxed when I am writing, it hardly seems like a any work at all. Many of you who love reading will understand the phrase 'there's nothing else like escaping into a good book'. Well I guess it works a little differently for me.

Its been 12 & 1/2 years since I met wildlife and landscape photo-journalist Paul Miguel. On the days when I spend 20+ hours caught up in 'fiction world' Paul provides me with food, he makes me cups of tea and he reminds me to take breaks. I think Paul's most spoken phrase in our office is "will you please play something else?" He's not a fan of my music... or my repetitive playing of the same track. Paul's bought me some very special presents. An Arsenal bear and a teddy bear wearing a t-shirt with a picture he took in Mexico. But the most treasured of them all is the Parker pen he bought for Christmas 2 years ago. It's engraved with my pseudonym "Erin Cawood".

I've probably been writing stories since first learning to write my name - I had a wild imagination as a child, fire breathing dragons and worlds inter-connected by giant slides. My first series of short stories was about a girl haunted by ghosts and I'd penned my first novella by the time I was fourteen. Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere - "My arms and legs they ache" popped into my head on my walk home one day. By the time I got home I'd pretty much written the entire poem Insomina. Some poems will just tumble from my mind, such as Ony You. My favourite poem written by myself is currenty If Love Wasn't Measured in Flowers
If you haven't figured it out yet my favorite color is Purple. One of my life quotes is "Life is very unpredictable...there are very few consistences within it.... however, me and my love of all things purple will last forever"

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The Legal Bit

All characters have no existence outside the imagination of the author and have no relation to anyone baring the same name. They are not inspired by an individual known or unknown by the author and all incidents are pure invention.

The articles, excerpts, and other written work published under the pseudonym Erin Cawood are copyright protected by the author. Guest articles are published by arrangement and also copyright protected by the guest author.

Images of Erin Cawood are provided by Paul Miguel Photography.

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