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Sunday, 16 August 2009

You Won't See Me Cry

You Won't See Me Cry is a difficult one to explain. I was looking through my romantic peotry one day in August and realised that I've never written a poem from the point of view of relationship break up.

I challenged my high level of empathy to the test and attempted to write something I've never had personal experience of before.
To write this I tried to get into the head of my character from my current work in progress Life's A Ball. Elle doesnt believe in true love. She doesn't believe that she ever find someone she loves enough to risk letting them break her heart. So the first paragraph is about her sceptism of Love. "Trust me, you say, and I'll hold your hand" Is the opening line and it creates the same sense of mistrust. It is followed by three further lines that have the same connotation. I followed the same theme of sceptism into the second verse, although she is taking the chance, she is wary of it. The third paragraph I opened with no mistrust or sceptism at all. It is as though the character has actually fallen in love.

It isn't untill the end of the third verse that we learn all is not well. "Maybe I should know its a matter of time" In the fourth stanza we learn that things have gone wrong. We also learn the the character blames herself for trusting her lover in the first place. We are drawn into her pain and can imagine the door closing as he leaves and Elle falling into a blubbering heap on the floor, even she acknowledges that it will happen. But Elle is a strong character, she is the proverbial brick wall and she is determined to remain strong in front of her love and she says in the closing line of the poem "No matter how much this hurts me, you won't see me cry"

Saturday, 15 August 2009

A Poem For You

I wrote Bye Bye Bibby Bye Bye and posted it on Facebook for a friend. One of my family members said that I never wrote poems for them and A Poem For You was something that rolled around my subconscious for around two weeks.


Read the poem A Poem For You and more Poems written by Erin Cawood at

Monday, 3 August 2009

As Busy As a Bee

I have not stopped!

Since my last blog post life has gone a little bit crazy. Family life went crazy, work went crazy, and me ... I think I might have gone a little bit crazy too! For no other reason that amongst all of the madness my writing has been so what abandoned. :- (

I have no new poetry this month, its a big fat zero compare to the three or four a month that I have posted in the June and July. I have no new short fiction to post, and my novel ... well ... don't get me started on that! again :- ( I have being trying to give it the attention that it needs, but there isn't much I can do with it at the moment. I'm awaiting editorial feedback and until then I can not complete my final draft. My mind was focused on the synopsis accompanying any submission I send to agents and publishers, until I discovered that my novel is actually twice as long as it needs to be.

The feedback I have received from test readers have all said the story flows well, the characters are engaging, the plot is gripping, and the pace is just right where it needs to be. And the criticisms I have received have been well judged. I have made several improvements to my novel on the back of them. However, there is the small matter of an ideal word limit. To the people who have read my book, not a problem, not one of them has said its too long. To an agent or a publisher…? No matter how fantastic my writing is, the submission is unlikely to make its way off the slush pile. :- (

I'm hoping that I can focus more on the writing throughout August, I want to have extracts of all my works in progress on line for your enjoyment, and I'm also redesigning the website to drive more traffic this way. Links will change, pages will change, content will change. Remember to keep coming back for more!


Bye Bye Bibby Bye Bye

Bye Bye Bibby Bye Bye was written for a friend of mine who I worked with. She left the office to go on to pastures new and this poem was something I came up with the following day.

Read the poem Bye Bye Bibby Bye Bye and more Poems written by Erin Cawood at
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