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Saturday, 27 February 2010


What do you get if you cross an author, photosensitivity, and an absent muse?

A new website!

On the morning of Feb 1st I woke up with the most excruciating migraine I've ever experienced in my life! My attempt to attend the 9-5 ended at 8:55 when I walk into the office, turned around and walked back out! For the next 3 weeks my symtoms kept me away from the real world.

Week1 ... except for the visit to the doc, was spent in bed and contact with the outside world was made though the wonderful technology supplied by Blackberry internet.

Week2 ... spent hidding in a darkened room, without TV, Music, or noise in general. Thankfully I had my computer and my social networks to stop me from going insane without human contact. (Thank you to all who helped) 

Week3 ... Although I attempted a return to work. I was still too ill to survive there and ended up back in the darkened silent room for another week ... except by this time my muse had chosen to escape the boredom and abandoned me in hope of finding something more entertaining.

Oh woe was me! I'm not a person who does boredom very well ... I'm a watching TV while surfing the web and reading a book kind of girl ... hence I usually spend my free time writing. Without my inspiration I am lost. So ...out with the old and in with the new.... has been given a fabulous makeover and I'd love to know your thoughts ! ! !


Saturday, 13 February 2010

Climbing Up a Steep Hill Wearing Roller Skates

As an unpublished author I find that touching the world with the written word is sometimes like climbing up a steep hill while wearing rollerskates.

Constructive criticism is what helps a good writer to grow into a fantastic writer and getting feedback from readers is hard work, no one wants to hurt your feelings. I love my friends and family and wouldn't be able to do what I do without their love and support. But for every 1 reader who will ask a question or give me a reason why they don't like it, there are 25 more who will either say they loved it or won't say anything at all. I have a small following at the moment and finding new readers is hard work.

I joined a fan page on Facebook a few months, and to be honest I didnt pay much attention at all. It's called Premium Promotional Tips for Writers and it promotes a book of the same name written by Jo-Anne Vandermeulen. Well, the fan page posted something yesterday that caught my eye and off I went, sidetracked from writing Life's A Ball yet again, to read the sneak peek.
I was surprised to find in such a short extract 3 points that A; I never thought of myself and B; I could actually do myself.

So now I find myself on a mission to find new readers with 3 new strategies in my tool kit. The book itself is on my wishlist until payday, when I look forward to discovering more ways of promoting my writing and finding new readers.


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