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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Germany 4 - 1 England - An Overenthuastic Underdog's Story.

What kind of a football fan would I be if I at least didn't mention the biggest football competition in the world?

I admit that I couldn't bear to see the score line (Germany 2-0 England) at 33 minutes and escaped into my writing space to block out the impending doom. Only to rush back to the family television after hearing the roaring cheers of the people living on my estate. I then tortured myself in front of the television until 86 minutes before I stormed off muttering "not gonna score 3 goals in 3 minutes". Once upstairs I, of course,  brought up the game on the Internet and watched until the end.

With the final whistle having blown as I look over the facebook/twitter status of my friends and family I can see, hear, feel the disappointment in their hearts, or maybe it's my own. After a month like the one I have had, a week in hospital, two further weeks off work and not making it through to the last stage of the BWA 2010 I think to myself, my chances of winning something that will rocket my writing career is as likely as England winning the world cup. How depressing!

It makes you want to give up and throw everything you have into Plan B.

My Plan B is my 9-5. Its a decent monthly income, I work with and for some fantastic people, and surprisingly I enjoying what I do. But I've recently been informed that due a restructure of the very large corporation I work for my job is at threat. So what if there isn't a Plan B?

I adore the process of writing. I'm so passionate about the worlds that I can create inside my mind. I get quite worried when my characters refuse to speak with me. I live, eat, sleep, and breath my writing with only one thing having a position above it (My family) It makes me wonder, if there is ever a right time to give Plan A everything you have?


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