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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Climbing Up a Steep Hill Wearing Roller Skates

As an unpublished author I find that touching the world with the written word is sometimes like climbing up a steep hill while wearing rollerskates.

Constructive criticism is what helps a good writer to grow into a fantastic writer and getting feedback from readers is hard work, no one wants to hurt your feelings. I love my friends and family and wouldn't be able to do what I do without their love and support. But for every 1 reader who will ask a question or give me a reason why they don't like it, there are 25 more who will either say they loved it or won't say anything at all. I have a small following at the moment and finding new readers is hard work.

I joined a fan page on Facebook a few months, and to be honest I didnt pay much attention at all. It's called Premium Promotional Tips for Writers and it promotes a book of the same name written by Jo-Anne Vandermeulen. Well, the fan page posted something yesterday that caught my eye and off I went, sidetracked from writing Life's A Ball yet again, to read the sneak peek.
I was surprised to find in such a short extract 3 points that A; I never thought of myself and B; I could actually do myself.

So now I find myself on a mission to find new readers with 3 new strategies in my tool kit. The book itself is on my wishlist until payday, when I look forward to discovering more ways of promoting my writing and finding new readers.



  1. Hi Erin;

    So wonderful you've discovered valuable marketing tips you can do yourself. Been having some AWESOME reviews coming from readers of "Premium Promotional Tips for Writers" (most are in Amazon).

    I wish you all the best in your writing and promoting endeavors.



    Premium Promotional Tips for Writers
    By: Owner & Marketer of Premium Promotional Services,
    Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen (To purchase the book from the Author).

  2. That book sounds usefull, I'll have to check it out sometime. Thanks for passing the link along.

    When it comes to critique (which I need to be better about doing) there are plenty of writers willing to critique other member's works over at I joined a crit group there, but they have boards for citiquing other member's work without needing to be in a group. (They have some other nice forums which I end up posting in more than the crit areas). I'm hoshikaze over there BTW.

  3. Hi Claire & Jo-Anne,

    I have actually now bought the book. It's full of useful tips about how to build a author platform. Thanks for the fmwriters info ... I'll take a look at it.


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