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Monday, 22 July 2013

Too Close - by Elizabeth Krall Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway with @Goddessfish Promotions

 This weeks Monday feature is an exclusive excerpt from Too Close by Elizabeth Krall.

 Watch the official  Trailer

video trailer for Too Close

Elizabeth will be awarding an eBook version of EACH of her three short stories to a randomly drawn commenter at each stop, plus a grand prize of an eBook version of her first novel, Ship to Shore, will be awarded to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. 

So Don't forget to leave your comments on the blog and Follow the tour here. The more comments you make the more chances you have of winning.

The Deets....

What rules would you break for the one you love? What lies would you tell?

Three weeks before their wedding day, Nicola and Greg discover that they may have the same mother.

They met when Greg joined the San Francisco newspaper where Nicola is the travel editor. After six months, eager to start a life together and raise a family, they decide to marry.

When Nicola finally meets his family in Seattle, and mentions the circumstances of her adoption, Greg’s horrified mother is forced to reveal the shameful secret she has kept for 36 years.

As they struggle to deal with her revelation, their relationship is challenged and strained. If his mother’s suspicions are true, they will be forced into a devastating choice: break all of society’s rules and fight for their love, or break their hearts and give each other up.

It will be the greatest test their newfound love has faced – and their love may not survive.

Exclusive excerpt

Scene: Nicola has told her family (father Arthur, mother Gwen) that she and Greg are engaged. Her family is concerned that they don’t know each other well enough for marriage.

“Are you positive, Nicola?” Arthur asked. “Do you truly want to make such a commitment to a man you’ve known for only six months?”

“Oh, Dad,” she sighed, torn between frustration at her family’s unwillingness to understand and appreciation of their concern. “Six months or six years, our feelings won’t change!”

“Well, then,” he said, like a man who has come to a decision. “Gwen!”

From across the room, her mother had been watching them with a look of satisfaction, apparently sure that Arthur would make their wayward daughter see sense.

“Do we have plans for next Sunday?” Arthur asked.

Gwen frowned, and shook her head.

His round, wrinkled face broke into a smile. “Then phone everyone we know! We’re having a party for our daughter and her fiancé,” declared Arthur. He pointed out the window, to the lawn behind the house. “Right there.”

“A party!” Gwen gaped at them. Then a smile spread across her own face, and she pushed herself out of the armchair. With a laugh, she said, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, huh?” She flung her arms around Nicola.

Nicola hugged her mother tightly, the soft body so familiar. “You sure you’re okay with this, Mom?”

“Oh sweetie, I do like Greg, you know that. I just don’t want you to get hurt again, or make a mistake,” Gwen said.

Nicola smiled. “Loving Greg could never be a mistake.”

Who is Elizabeth Krall? 

Elizabeth Krall grew up in Canada and lived in London, England, for many years. She has now settled in Sydney, Australia.

Most of her career was spent as an editor, but now she works as a print and digital graphic designer. An unexpected side-effect of leaving editing was the resurgence of an interest in writing. Her first novel, Ship to Shore, was published in February 2012; her second, Too Close, in January 2013. 

She is also the author of an occasional series of short stories themed around holidays, called Holiday Romances.

Elizabeth’s interests include travel, tall ship sailing and cocktails.


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  1. Hi Erin, thanks for hosting a stop on my book tour.

    And 'Hi' to everyone who stops by! Thanks for checking out 'Too Close'.


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