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Friday, 27 December 2013

63 Fabulous Books on Sale for $0.99 Right Now!!!

A group of Indie Authors have got together for the holidays and their books are on sale for just $0.99 right now!!! 

Here's a selection... To see the all 63 books available visit

Here's part two

te game.">Wyoming Escape (A Triple H Ranch Mystery)</a><img src="
Wyoming Escape
One dead body is frightening enough. A second one, plus a dirty cop, sends Mikela Richards fleeing for her life. She hides on a Wyoming Dude ranch, but her attraction to an on-leave Marine threatens her fragile feeling of safety.">The Good Daughter: A Mafia Story (Vista Security Origins)</a><img src="
The Good Daughter
Over 200 five-star reviews on Amazon: "Calling this book 'old-school Jackie Collins with a Gotti twist and enough heat to melt Alaska' still doesn't begin to describe how explosive it is." ~Diane Morasco, RT Book Reviews
Romance">SPECIAL DELIVERY - Romantic Comedy</a><img src="
Special Delivery
Over 4 months on iTunes Top 50 paid erotica list! She's got Male! There's plenty of laughs and shared bodily warmth when Roxanne & Bram find themselves trapped by the 'storm of the century' over New Years!">The Stafford Collection, Historical Western Romances</a><img src="
The Stafford Collection
Historical Romance Author, Lynn Hubbard is sharing her fans favorite western adventure, The Stafford Collection. Brock befriends a stable boy. Chase, takes his own journey and survives a Banshee attack. But, not all is what it seems. Fate is a coyote in disguise.">Daughter of Time:  A Time Travel Romance (The After Cilmeri Series)</a><img src="
Daughter of Time
With over 200 five star Amazon reviews: Meg tumbles back in time to medieval Wales to join Prince Llywelyn in the battle to preserve his kingdom. An enchanting ride and a strikingly fresh story of love between worlds.">The Prince Charming Hoax</a><img src="
The Prince Charming Hoax
When years of kissing frogs yield only broken hearts, not handsome princes, best friends Leah Gold and Roxie Stein decide to break free of the fairy tale myth and rewrite their life stories.
Can there still be a Happily Ever After?">Almost Matched (Almost Bad Boys)</a><img src="
Almost Matched
Would you take another shot at love? Or just settle on a friend with benefits?
Their heartbreaking past will move you. Their passion will make you blush. Their antics will make you laugh out loud.">The Soldier's Seed (Southern Skyes)</a><img src="
The Soldier's Seed
The Soldier’s Seed, the first book of the Southern Skyes family saga, is a novel that captures the wide range of relationships between colonial, convict, and indigenous families during the tumultuous events that defined the early penal colonies of Australia.">Heart Marks the Spot:  Three Short Stories</a><img src="
Heart Marks the Spot
From internationally read author, Susan Jean Ricci, Heart Marks the Spot: A tiny trio of shorts, combined with the eccentric and the romantic, plus bold humor and happy endings--or are they? Find out by tucking this 3 in 1 combo into your Christmas Kindle stocking, with nine five-star and two four-star ratings.">Eden (sensual romance)</a><img src="
Contemporary Women's Fiction
The Smartest Girl in the Room
Emily could handle getting dumped and kicked out while she studied for an early diploma, but when her best friend Zainab is hurt, “handle” means something else. But is she going to make everything worse when she overplays her hand?
Been So Long
Listed at #17 on's 20 Bestselling eBooks of 2012!!
A woman, her married lover, an ex-boyfriend, and the ties that bind them together....">Life is But a Dream: On the Lake (Grace Adams Series)</a><img src="
Life Is But A Dream: On the Lake 
Thought provoking, sometimes frightening, and often funny, this is a powerful story of a woman struggling to take control of her life. A portrayal of the power of love and the strength of the human spirit. Riveting!">Eleven Sundays</a><img src="
Eleven Sundays
“Forks in the road not only change the direction of Annie’s life, but the woman within. Beautiful, often spiritual descriptions of Drake's Valley, and exceptionally well-drawn characters, make this debut novel a must read.” –Amazon best-selling author Carol Davis Luce">Tainted Love: The Faith McKenzie Story (Valentina Secrets)</a><img src="
Tainted Love
Does the perfect wife and the perfect husband equal the perfect marriage? Take an intimate look inside Faith's private world and discover the secrets of a marriage gone horribly wrong. Described by reviewers as "incredible", "heart wrenching" and "very compelling". Will Faith leave to save herself or stay to save the man she loves?

To see the all 63 books available visit


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