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Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Billionaire's Christmas Baby By Victoria James (@vicjames101): Excerpt & Giveaway (@GoddessFish Promotion)

The Billionaire's Christmas Baby
By Victoria James

Today on Beyond My Writing Space,  I have the lovely Victoria James, who's had 3 romance novels published in the last year including today's feature The Billionaire's Christmas Baby. She's here to tell us all about what she does when she's not creatively writing.

"What does a creative writer do when they're not creative writing?"

By Victoria James

Other creative activities .  I’m an interior designer…well was, before I plunged into the writing world. So when I’m not writing (and I’m not worried that I’m not writing) I’m usually catching up on household tasks…and a lot of them have to do with decorating. Two years ago we bought our current home and did a complete home renovation. Even though we’ve been here a while, there are still so many little things that we haven’t completed yet. 

I also try and use that time to catch up with friends and housework. If I’m on deadline for a book or revisions, I just don’t have the time to keep up with everything. First thing I’ll do when I’m approaching the end of a book/revisions is make initial contact with my friends and set up dates for walks/drinks/dinner so that in the few days off I take between deadlines I squeeze everything in.

I also use that time to catch up on housework...all the laundry, dusting, washing, etc. And I’ll cook, wonderful homemade meals and spend extra time with my kids! My husband and I will get out for a few nice dinners (without kids) and I’ll do some shopping as well.

But usually, even when I’m not writing, I do have characters on my mind. They won’t leave my head! And typically, I’m one or two books ahead in my head …

Thank you so much for having me on your blog and happy holidays!!


Fabulous post Victoria.  Writing's such a solitart occupation I'm always intrigued by what other authors do.

Now let's take a look at today's feature! 

The Deets

An Entangled Christmas Classic …

Jackson Pierce didn’t make his fortune entertaining every half-cocked idea, especially one involving diaper changes. Not even the cute brunette who links him to the baby in her arms can crack his icy heart.A baby on the doorstep is the least of Hannah Woods’s problems—she has to find the baby’s uncle, or the child will end up in foster care. She sleuths her way to the reclusive CEO’s doorstep only to find six feet of holiday sexy—and a door slammed in her face. But when Jackson comes around and urges they marry for little Emily’s sake, Hannah finds herself falling for the jaded billionaire and wishing for a holiday miracle of their own…

Sneak Peek inside the cover of The Billionaire’s Christmas Baby

He lifted his head. “Romance, huh? I wouldn’t have you pegged as a romance reader.” She narrowed her eyes. “That happens to be one of my all-time favorite books, so if you’ll excuse me.”
She grabbed the book from his hand. “I’d like to put it back in my bag.”
He held up his hands and grinned boyishly, with an expression completely at odds with the angry, standoffish man that she was getting used to.
“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”
She frowned at him. The way he said it made it perfectly clear that he thought she should be very, very embarrassed. “You should probably read that book and take a few pointers on how to act with a woman.”
She couldn’t believe she’d said that aloud.
He threw back his head and laughed.
She fought the urge to smile that gripped her out of nowhere. But it was tough, because his laugh was deep and a little throaty and a whole lot sexy. It transformed him.
He stopped laughing, but his smile remained, his perfect white teeth gleaming.
“Really? So you think I’m lacking in the skills necessary to attract a woman?”
She crossed her arms in front of her. “Well, you did slam a door in my face.”
He stopped smiling. “I did not slam it. I closed it.”
“Twice. You slammed it twice,” she said holding up two wiggling fingers.
He scowled at her and jammed his fists into his pockets.
“And then you yelled in my face, using your height and… er… largeness to intimidate me.”
“I was not trying to intimidate you.”
“And left me out in a blizzard.” He rubbed the back of his neck and then looked up at the ceiling. She could swear he counted to ten silently.
“I came after you.”
“And then let me fall because you had to hold the windshield scraper.”
His eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched and unclenched. “I was not trying to hold the scraper, I was trying to convince you to come inside.”
“And ruined all my Christmas cookies.”
“I helped you pick them up. I had no idea there were cookies in that tin.”
“Whatever, Jackson, you definitely don’t know how to treat a lady.” She grabbed her bag and dropped the book back in. There was a power and energy that emanated from him that was impossible to ignore.
“Hannah, if you weren’t connected to my family, there would be no doubt in your mind that I know how to treat a lady."

Buy your copy now at:

Who is Victoria James? 

Victoria James always knew she wanted to be a writer and in grade five, she penned her first story, bound it (with staples) and a cardboard cover and did all the illustrations herself. Luckily, this book will never see the light of day again.

In high school she fell in love with historical romance and then contemporary romance. After graduating University with an English Literature degree, Victoria pursued a degree in Interior Design and then opened her own business. After her first child, Victoria knew it was time to fulfill the dream of writing romantic fiction.

Victoria is a hopeless romantic who is living her dream, penning happily-ever-after's for her characters in between managing kids and the family business. Writing on a laptop in the middle of the country in a rambling old Victorian house would be ideal, but she's quite content living in suburbia with her husband, their two young children, and very bad cat.

Victoria loves connecting with readers, you can find her online at:

 website | @vicjames101 | Goodreads | Facebook


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  1. Sounds like a good read.


  2. Jackson sounds yummy.


  3. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the post.

    Marcy Shuler


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