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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

#TemptationTuesday - Couples Retreat

It's Tuesday! It's Time for a little Temptation!

This work in progress is yet to find a name so I affectionately refer to it as "couples retreat".

Poppy and Nick Kinsella are infamously known as "Cupid's Golden Couple". Poppy is radio relationship talk show host and Nick is relationship expert, authoring best selling self help books and appears on many television shows. Between them they run a marriage counseling empire. But after a public tragedy two years ago Poppy and Nick privately opted for a trial separation. Now both have decided time has come to end the separation. Poppy wants a divorce but Nick wants a reconciliation. Neither want to face the tragedy that tore them apart.

Temptation Tuesday

“Now you see Nicholas” Poppy hopped around on her seat to face the most infuriating man she’d ever met in her life. “This is why you and I never work together. Where did you get these crack pot ideas from?” She shook her head. “We went to the same college, trained at the same medical facilities, we had the same mentors. Of course people who work away from home are able to maintain a perfectly happy relationship. Why on earth would you think they’re not committed or faithful to one another just because they choose to take a better paid job that mean they sleep away from home?”
“Personal experiences”
Poppy gasped. He had not just publicly admitted their relationship wasn’t working out. Ooh if he wanted to play games with her then she was batting this ball back on to his side of the court. “Do you have something you need to confess Nick?”
“No Babe” He chuckled “nothing to declare” He took her hand. “Sorry, maybe personal was the wrong word.” He raised her fingers and pressed them to his lips for a brief pause. “Professionally speaking, I see it every day. Husband and wife drift apart. Things get prioritised before the marriage. Then suddenly you’re staring into someone else’s eyes and embarking on something you shouldn’t because you’ve not felt that way for a really long time. It’s easy to do at home, even easier when you spend most of your time apart.”
“Then anyone in that situation should back away from temptation.” Poppy said quietly. “They should ask themselves why they have the temptation in the first place. Where their real problem lies? There’s nothing but hurt waiting if they give in to that temptation.”
“And if they’re beyond reasonable behavior?” Nick asked. “Not everything is so black and white, Poppy. Not everyone has the picture perfect marriage like ours. What if they’re drunk?”
“It’s excuse” Poppy shook her head as she snatched her hand away from Nick “If you’re that drunk you can’t give a damn about your wife” She folded her arms over her chest “you physically wouldn’t be able to do it.”
“Oh Babe” Nick laughed “How many times have we-” She glared at him “Point taken.” Nick laughed “What if the marriage seems like it’s already beyond repair?”
“Then leave!” Poppy threw her arms up. “Get counseling. Talk! Don’t cheat! It’s not the answer.”
“What if they’re out for revenge because one partner has already done it the other?”
“That’s despicable!” Poppy gasped “You really have to question the type of person you are and you true feelings if you would punish the person you’re supposed to love.”
“You're not talking like a professional anymore Poppy." Nick condemned her. "So while you're talking like a wife are you saying you didn’t take the radio show in Cincinnati to punish me?” Poppy gasped. Her glare locked with Nick’s. “Are you saying you haven’t spent the last two years avoiding Athens County because of what happened here?” his hand waved between them.
“I will not discuss your affair with your brother’s wife on national television.”
“I'll rephrase that, shall I?” Nick's laughter was barely recognizable through his disgust of the accusation she'd just tossed into the public domain.“You won’t discuss my one night stand before we got married with the woman who my brother was not seeing at the time whom he did later marry. Ever!”
“This was a mistake.” Poppy rose to her feet. “Marrying you was a mistake.” She marched way as she called over her shoulder in a simple elegant voice. “I want a divorce Nick!”
Nick uttered a curse as he leapt to his feet. Why did he go and say that? Now what was he going to do? Damn it! Him, his big mouth, and his determination to aggravate her. Why wasn’t she fighting with him? He saw it! That blaze of anger in her eyes at his words. She snatched her hand back from him and closed up tight. She was controlling it real well. Too well. He’d pushed her too far and she’d quit on him. And now there was only one thing he could do to turn this around from the disaster it had become. She’d hate him for it.
Poppy was half way across the set before he managed to lunge for her wrist. He spun her into his arms in a strategic move that didn’t give her chance to argue or breathe. He simply claimed her mouth with his.
It was like coming home. It was like being given his favorite meal. No it was better! She was his favorite meal. Nothing in the entire world tasted quite like Poppy. Nothing in the entire world felt quite like Poppy. She filled his body with this incredible rush that sung with joy just from feeling her lips against his. He felt how her body sung in response to his too. The perfect duet. She didn't want a divorce. She didn't mean it. She could mean it. Not when there was still so much emotional connection between them.
Reluctantly he let her go, his eyes searched her gazed as she stared at him. She didn't like what she felt for him. She didn't understand it. But still, she felt the power of their love just as strong as he did. "Still want to divorce me Poppy?"
"No” Poppy sighed, rested her palms against his chest, he wasn't sure if she was playing up for the camera if that sultry gaze were really for him. “I’m afraid a divorce won't work on you Mr. Kinsella" She narrowed her eyes at him. "You'd better sleep with one eye open."
Nick chuckled "After a kiss like that I have no intention of sleeping tonight Doctor."
Poppy pushed him away with a gasp. “God!” Her arms shot into the air as she spun on her heels. She marched off set and cried toward the ceiling. “I swear you put that man on this earth to torture me.”
A laugh burst from Nick’s throat as he admired the view walking away from him. What harm would it do if the nation saw him appreciate her behind? Oh crap! The whole world had just witnessed that whole intimate scene. Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! He needed to get his head screwed on properly.

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