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Friday, 22 February 2013

#FridayFeature - Cover Reveal - Behind Closed Doors

Fridays are about the what comes about the end of the day.  The signing off, kicking back and relaxing. So Friday Features are about bringing you something, or someone you can enjoy at the weekend (or any other time of the week)

This week I'm bringing you ....  Drum roll  please!

Behind Closed Doors - COVER REVEAL 


I've been waffling on about the 2nd book in the Valentina Secrets series for at least six months I think you deserve to see the cover at last

Its designed by Stephanie Mooney at

Stephanie designed the cover of Tainted Love, for which I had no real clue what I wanted except I wanted White Roses and a Purple Ribbon and for Behind Closed Doors I had a distinctive image in my mind. This wasn't it but this is so much better than anything I imagined

And this weekend, of course you can Tainted Love available from Amazon UK and Amazon US


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