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Friday, 3 August 2012

Life begins at ...

Today is a huge milestone for me. Its the day many people, especially the ladies who reach this day, (sorry girls but its true) sob into their cereal, eat a ton of chocolate and wash it down with copious amounts of wine. 

Today, I turn 30.  

And I don't think I've been more excited about a birthday than I am about this one.

You see, when I was little - and I'm talking really little - I always said I would get my A-Levels and go to university. When I discovered Danielle Steel at 14 I said I wanted to be a published author. These were my aspirations in life. 

7 years ago I went back to college and I worked a 30-35 hours and attended 15 hours of classes and then I sat down to do my homework, and lets not forget about neglecting love of my life, the house we share, my enormous family and my non-existent social life. It was the hardest two years of my life and there were times I didn't think I'd make it. 

But I didn't quit and I obtained 3 A-Levels at the end of it all. And I learnt something incredibly powerful. You can achieve anything you put your will and determination behind. 

At the same time I discovered 3 things I'm crazily passionate about. Writing, Social Media and Web design and I'm now turning my passion for social networking and web design into a BA(hons) in New Media. September sees the start of my 2nd year towards achieving number two on my list of goals. 

But I think the most exciting part of this birthday for me is the last on my list. The becoming a published author. When I began my first novel 5 years ago, I said I'd like to have my 1st novel published by the time I was 30.  

12 months ago I was toying with a fictional wedding in Las Vegas. It didn't work for the project I had in mind but the concept captured my imagination and I ran with it. An actress met a showbiz reporter in Las Vegas and yes, they got married, and no, no one knew about it...And boy are there days when I regret it now - Ha ha - Just kidding! 12 months ago, Valentina Secrets was born. 

The series has grown there's now 10 novels in the series and I'm bouncing off the walls with excitement. The first novel in the Valentina Secrets Series is being edited this month ... squee! 



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