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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Social Network Debate ! ! !

This week is dedicated to Social Networking! I had a huge response on this topic alone. On the 5th Join J.M Kelly for the Do's, The Don'ts and the Huh?s  - On the 6th Deb Nam-Krane tells us why Getting Noticed Offline Is Hard If We DONT Have An ONLINE Presence and on the 7th Shay Fabbro warns: Aspring Writers Need To Be Aware of the Demand on Their Time.

A Quick Tip from Erin Cawood:

The world of a writer can be a lonely place sometimes. There are times when you're locked away for hours, days, weeks, months, working on your masterpiece, or you may a have deadlines, or your muse may have abandonned you, or you've read your last manuscript after months or your characters aren't talking back to you. All of a sudden your world doesn't make sense to you anymore. That's when the first of many benefits of the time consuming social networking comes in.

There are thousands of like minded people on the web who understand exactly what you're going through. 

When I first approached guest bloggers on the subject of "To Be or No To Be A Writer" I used social networking as an example of why its great to be a writer and why its not so great to be a writer. Never before have we been able to be in touch with readers, to have instant feedback, to be engaged, interact and connect they way we are able to with sites like Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Blogger. The problem with them is if you're a member to all of them, you would spend all of your life using them. My tip, tweetdeck or hootsuite or some other multi-social network desktop app. I use tweetdeck, it allows me to post to most of my social networks at once (or one at a time) and I only have the one screen open with a feed to notify me of any updates from all networks. 


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