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Friday, 14 October 2011

Introducing "My Hero": A Rebel with a Cause - Kim Koning

The hero of my stories is usually an underdog. My heroes are rough-hewn and rough around the edges. They have a rebellious streak and love bucking the system. They usually do not know they are a hero until push comes to shove an they are thrown into the white hot fires of adversity, conflict and tension. Even though they are underdogs, they are no cowards. They also don't have the bounties of life offered to them on a silver platter. They have had to fight for recognition and achievement every step of the way. They succeed through honour, integrity, loyalty and above all perseverance. They believe that if you do not stand for something or stand up for someone in life, you will fall for anything.

I love throwing my hero/oines into conflict and see how they get out of it. They never stand back from a challenge and though they will not create conflict, they will not flinch from it. They are also very strong-willed and stubborn.

For me there is nothing worse than a cookie-cutter hero or heroine. As a writer it is so easy to fall into the trap of making the most of your villain or antagonist. I don't want to read about some angelically perfect hero or heroine who annoyingly always knows the answers and swoops in picking up all the credit. I want a hero or heroine that I can see myself following and admiring and for me those have never been the "top dogs" in society. Rather it is the underdog who becomes the hero that makes the story for me every time.

Heroes should have flaws that they need to overcome and mine always do. You may not start off liking them in the beginning but towards the middle of the journey you are hanging on their every move and word and by the end you will fall in love with them. They will challenge you as the reader as they have challenged me as the writer. They do not like being told what to do or how to do it. They are by nature quite temperamental and they live by the heart. They are spontaneous and impulsive. They love adventure and thrive on living life on a dare. They are people who are not heroes because of their past but they shape themselves into heroes.

As for who are my heroes and heroines from old: Batman would be a favourite in the cartoon/graphic novel world, Zorro is another. Heathcliff, from Wuthering Heights, is one of my favourite heroes. Nobody said the hero has to be all good all the time. I also love the heroes and heroines found in Greek Mythology. They were always reluctant heroes but they believed in honour.

For me I love a hero that changes with the story. I love a hero who struggles against being seen as a hero. My heroes are not chosen they are made through their own mettle and their own wills. They will fight the good fight and even get dirty with the worst villains if that is called for but in the end they will not break their code of honour and integrity. For me, one of the most interesting heroes are the heroes that fight being a hero. But in the end that is what they are. They are the underdogs who will jump into a dogfight to defend another dog even if they are the smallest dog.

My heroes and heroines don't fit the mould of everyday society. They don't follow the rules. They fight for their own place in society and they make their own rules. They are rebels with a good cause and they will do whatever is needed to fight for that cause whether it be rescuing someone or standing up for what they believe in. You will want my heroes and heroines on your side because believe me they are better friends than enemies. You might say my heroes and heroines are heroic rebels.


Kim Koning is a writer, a reader, a blogger and an adventure traveller who always seeks the next horizon. Her first short story, a YA paranormal, was published in an anthology this year. She is currently in the submission process of her first novel, a historical paranormal. She can be found blogging and "Wrestling the Muse" at:    
Other places she can be found online are: website -
facebook -
twitter - @AuthorKimKoning 


  1. okay will try again - yes yes to everything above except Heathcliff he was nought but a bully pure and simple - but the rest of the blog I'm nodding my head to - good blog thanks

  2. Kim, I completely agree! I love how you go from Classic Literature to Batman to Greek Mythology. It really proves that no two authore are the same. We all seem to draw our heroes from different sources and every author who has blogged so far has a completely different opinion. The "My Hero" discussion is one worth reading from start to finish ... ...

    Thanks for taking the time to guest blog.

  3. Great post, Kim. Awesome choice of topic, Erin.

    Reading this got me all excited. I want to open up my work and keep writing, because I like writing heroes that are just the same. I love watching a hero grow throughout the story. I don't want perfection - no one is perfect, I can't relate.

    Awesome work, ladies :)


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