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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

@GoddessFish Book Review Tour & Giveaway - Undercover Magic by Judy Teel

The Deets...

In a dystopian future where paranormal creatures have assimilated into human society, a young woman fights to expose the mastermind behind an illegal drug only to discover that to stop him, she must risk losing everything – including her humanity. 

Abandoned at birth, Addison Kittner's been on her own since she was a kid--ever since the paranormal terrorists attacked cities around the world. Battling creatures that go bump in the night nearly destroyed human society. Good thing not all paranormals were evil and the terrorists were eventually stopped. Bad thing? Nothing would ever be the same again. 

For one, highly addictive drugs can be made from vampire venom now that the truth is out. Add in a little magic and the drug becomes irresistible. Addison's partner and on-the-sly boyfriend, werewolf FBI agent Cooper Daine, has been trying to find out who's behind this new threat to humanity. But when he gets too close to the truth, he finds himself falsely accused of taking bribes from the very drug cartel he hunts. 

Addison knows he's innocent, but the FBI have other ideas and suddenly she finds herself in their sights. When they come knocking on her door and decide breaking it down is more effective, she does what any smart ex-street kid would, she runs. Next thing she knows, someone's trying to assassinate Cooper, Lord Bellmonte is threatening to hurt her friends if she doesn't find out who's making the drug, and talented kid practitioners are disappearing from their school without a trace. 

As the lies pile up, one thing becomes clear--the mastermind behind the drugs is someone more powerful and evil than anything she's ever come up against. Addison doesn't stand a chance of winning. Not without giving up the one thing she treasures most-- 

Her humanity.

A Sneak Peek Inside... 

"Open up! FBI!" an unpleasantly familiar voice shouted from the other side.

Alarm punched me in the stomach and I slung my feet off my desk. My heavy black boots hit the floor with a thud and I pulled my laptop closer. I jabbed at the keys and brought up the view from the security camera outside my door—a distorted black and white image of the gang of beefy government types clustered up in the hall looking pissed. 

My nervous, frizzy-haired landlord stood behind them wringing his hands as the female Were in the front stood back and glared at the door. Agent Stillman. A mean-as-hell chick I'd worked with on a murder case a few months before and not someone you'd want for an enemy. 

She was five-six with a medium, compact build, short hair and a thin scar running from under her left ear to within an inch of her windpipe. Instinctively, my right hand went to the modified Browning BuckMark strapped to my thigh.

She looked directly into the camera and the absurd feeling that she could see me sent a chill buzzing down my back. 

On my computer screen her mouth moved as her muffled voice came through the door. "The future looks a lot less painful if this is voluntary, Addison."  

As far as I knew, I hadn't broken any laws worthy of FBI interference. Even secretly dating Cooper didn't warrant the kind of manpower I saw outside my humble basement office.

A collision that sounded like a truck had slammed into the wall shook through my office and a roughly shoe-shaped bulge appeared on my side of the barrier. The door wouldn't hold out long under that kind of beating.

I shut my computer, pocketed the backup clip, and dropped my government issue iC onto the computer. When someone's smashing into your office without permission, you don't ask questions, you destroy your records and bolt.

"Sorry, baby," I muttered. I pulled out my Browning, keyed it from vamp poison to bullets and pulled the trigger. Twice.

My thoughts......

l enjoyed Shifty Magic, Book One in Addison's story, so when the chance came up to feature Judy Teel for the third time (see here) l couldn't let it go! 

I'm not a huge fan of either the dystopia or mystery genre, but Teel combines the two in a way that had me turning pages instead of putting it down to do my uni work. Undercover Magic starts with an action packed bang and it never really stops. Like any good mystery it keeps you trying to get the answers before Addy. I didn't. 

Addy is a great character, she's street smart, and ready to go beyond that extra mile for her loved ones, which leads to some great and exciting scenes. Both Addy and her love Cooper have stayed with me long after the book was finished.

This is a great read if you enjoy a story with a rock star heroine who has you cheering, like any fan, right to the very end!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. 

The Giveaway !

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Who is Judy Teel..?

I live in North Carolina with my boisterous family--husband, three kids, a dog and a geriatric bunny--and yup, I'm Southern so occasionally I let a "y'all" slip out. Maybe more than occasionally.

I love my job and dedicate as much of my time to writing as I can. When I'm not doing the weaving of the adventurous and romantic tales, I'm running errands, driving people around (or crazy depending on your perspective), cooking, and generally keeping everyone organized.

Tea is a favorite obsession of mine. I also like jazz and swing music, musicals, plays, movies of all kinds, Vampire Diaries, Star Trek, Downton Abbey, as well as camping, vacations, and reading great books.

Life rocks—so should the books you read!

Twitter: or @JudyTeelBooks


  1. Always a treat to be on your blog, Erin. Thank you so much for reviewing Undercover Magic!

  2. Loved the sneak peek I must know more will definitely be snagging a copy of this book. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Wanda, Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy the series. :-)

  3. Sounds like an awesome book! I love dystopia!

    1. Hi collenga, Thanks! I've really enjoyed being in Addison's world as I write this series.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by, bn. Erin is a fabulous reviewer. If you're looking for your next great read, be sure to check out her other posts!

  5. I enjoyed the sneak peek, thank you.

    1. Hi Rita, thanks for stopping by! Nice to see you here. :-)

  6. Nice post today with an awesome review. I adore dystopia stories but I haven't read one that is woven in with a mystery story, so this sounds pretty interesting. The main character sounds like a basass too, I love strong women characters! The book cover is great too! Donna @ Book Passion for Life x

  7. i just love paranormal Books and can't wait to read yours.
    first time I heard about your books glad that I was clicking threw this blog.


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