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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Silver Linings

I don't talk about what ails me very much on Beyond My Writing Space. This is usually a migraine free zone. But today I thought I'd let you in to my little world.

In Feb 2010 I woke up with a migraine and its never really gone away. It just depends on how effective the ever increasing number of medications I take are at controlling the symptoms to whether I can live my life today or not. Lately,  the meds have stopped working and I am back to living with symptoms varying from washed out and fuzzy to full blown unable to get out of bed and I always have at least one of the various auras, the current favourite is reduced sensation on the right side, but the light and sound sensitivity are making regular appearances also.  Its very rare I have a day of no symptoms at all.

Meh... as frustrating as this is I still consider myself rather lucky that it's nothing more serious than migraine. (Although migraine is more than "just a headache" and should be taken seriously,   I've had enough tests to rule out any thing more serious or life threatening and this is why I consider myself fortunate to suffer from migraine.)

So, originally I thought the sleeplessness was as a result of Topirimate. I suffered from permanent alertness, which although quite rare was a side effect. But it seems I can spend just as many nights wide awake even though I haven't taken Topirimate for over 4 months.

The great thing about permanent alertness is I can write. I can spend this super peaceful time (when the entire seems to be world quiet) just lost in my character's world with very little distraction.  Its fabulous! In the past month I've had to take two weeks unpaid sick leave from work due to the debilitating symptoms. But I've also finished Behind Closed Doors, written the first draft of Maybe Tomorrow and I have the first 12k words of Valentina Secrets Book 3 Whispers Behind the Curtain.

So I thought I share my silver little lining with you.


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