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Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Wild: Patti Larsen - Book Review

So Santa Claus brought me a Kindle for Christmas and I've been itching to try it out... but with University and my part time job my writing time it limited - I've been saving my procrastination days for the excitement that is Patti Larsen's The Hayle Coven Series.

Just as you'd expect with so much heartbreak at the end of book 3 The Wild (Book 4) is tense from right the start. Syd and her mum receive the warning in Chapter 1 Syd is going to bring trouble to the coven once more. But why would she? Syd has everything she ever wanted right? She's powerless, ergo... She's normal! Without the magical complication her love triangle has just been made so much simpler and there are no coven duties to interfere with her social life. Syd's about to learn a valuable lesson in life... whether a witch, a demon, a daughter, a sister, a friend... a girlfriend... or a centuries old Sidhe princess... whoever... its the being a teenager and having no control that sucks.

Its time to take some action Syd style! Not the insecure little girl who didn't know what she was doing we met in Family Magic. Not the frustrated teen who couldn't quite control what was going on Witch Hunt. Not the scared young lady who shied away from her ability in Demon Child. But a determined and mature young woman with no access to any magic but ready to fight for her cause anyway.  

Cast your mind over the three books before, everything that once was significant and seems forgotten is not. You don't need to have read these books to read The Wild, although I most certainly recommend you do for the sheer pleasure of it all. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the tiny attention to the details that keep these books real is amazing. The ending is both sad and yet so painfully real I wanted to cry for Syd.

Well I could go on all day! So sad my time with Sydlynn Hayle appears to have come to an end. But excited Patti is introducing a new Hayle shortly with Smoke and Magic.

5/5 -  Come on, would you expect I'd give it anything less?

The Wild is available for Kindle and other Digital Editions


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