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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Book Review: Witch Hunt by Patti Larsen

Once again I have been given the great honour of reviewing Patti Larsen's The Hayle Coven Series.

Witch Hunt (Book 2), is set six months after Family Magic. Syd and her wonderful sarcastic wit is back and juggling her magic with homework, her human first crush on the football star with her demon desire for the bad boy, and her social life with friends for her coven rituals and traditions. And yes, she still fights with her mum. I think I love this part at the start of book 2 the most because after everything that happened in Family Magic, this tiny little detail keeps Witch Hunt tuned in to real life. 

Thoroughly enjoyed Witch Hunt as much as I did Family Magic. Again lost in Syd's world from cover to cover and rather disappointed when it ended. The sneak peak into book 3 - Demon Child, has me dancing with anticipation for the release date. Can't wait! I definitely have a new favourite author on my virtual bookshelf and a new genre on my reading list. 

5/5 - Recommended for the young adult in everyone!


Witch Hunt is available for Kindle and other Digital Editions

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