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Friday, 9 December 2011

The Back Up Plan

Every writer has dreams of world domination: Internationally best selling novels turned into box office hits, with chart topping stars recording the official soundtrack and merchandise flying of the shelves faster than it can be sold. The reality is only the few achieve this, many more achieve success as a full time writer/author, but its not as easy as it looks and when you're trying to break through the thick wall of ice there's the real world to contend with.

I'm talking about dreaded responsibilities.

I had a fantastic challenging career eighteen months ago, a bright shining future with a global company and I could go places all I had to do show the initiative. Step by step I was writing my first novel taking the time it needed, giving it the love, care and attention it needed, learning the processes I needed to learn before I achieved world domination. But what happens when the backup plan fails? 

As you all know, I was made redundant last year. Yes I was a victim of the financial meltdown within the UK banking system. Reality descended, what if I never achieved world domination? What would I do with my life? I suppose in hindsight I could have finished my novel and gone for world domination, you only life once, right? Well, I'm too cautious to do anything like that. I was lucky enough to walk straight into another job. But the question remained unanswered, what would I do if I didn't make it? I couldn't be a call centre agent for the rest of my life. My flare for web design and social media marketing took me on an Internet search and in September, at 29 years old, I returned to school. I began studying a combined design and media studies course at University. 

So forgive me if there are times when I go quiet, between writing novels, studying a degree, working a part time job, trying to read as much as I can, housework and socialising on the web, not to mention, being a girlfriend, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and now christmas.... Sheesh! Responsibilities (LOL!) there just aren't enough hours in the day!  



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