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Friday, 16 September 2011

Introducing A Writer's Kit

'A Tool Kit! ' My friend sniggered from behind her chardonnay "But I've seen you write an entire poem on a napkin with an eye liner pencil I'd hardly say you need a handy man's tool belt" That was an inspired moment and my lack of preparedness had one hand diving into my handbag and digging out the next best thing to a writing tool while the other was snatching at the passing waitress' tray snapping "Can I have that?" the point of my brief flash back ... As the words begin to live inside a writer that fire bursts at any moment. Creative passion will be found anywhere and regardless of the situation being able to capture that inspiration by any means possible is important. Every writer needs a tool kit. Whether in the office, out and about doing daily chores, away from home for the night or a little longer myself and other writers to share how we prepare for life as writers. Stay tuned for the upcoming series on A Writer's Tool Kit



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