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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Book of the Month: Christmas Fairytales by Nora Roberts

Deck the halls with bows of holly, fa la la la la, la la la la .... So I'm in the spirit of the season... It's Christmas and I usually love Christmas. I'm not a crazy loon who decorates every square inch of my house inside and out... in fact, for the last couple of years ... I've kind of lost the Christmas feeling and I haven't decorated at all ... (shush... don't tell anyone). This year we've plans to actually redecorate the living room so the Christmas tree and the decorations are remaining in the attic until we're finished... but they WILL go up before Christmas eve.

I was given a little extra help this year by Christmas Fairytales from Nora Roberts. Its three classic love stories rolled into one feature length novel and is part of the MacGregor Series. I particularly like the fact that I haven't read a single novel from the MacGregor Series and I didn't need to.

Christmas Fairytales: The Basics - Daniel MacGregor is the conniving and interfering, yet loving, head of the MacGregor family who wants to see his granddaughters Laura, Gwen, and Julia settled down, married and providing his wife (actually himself) with great grandchildren. So he finds them the ideal man and schemes to get them to fall in love.

Three nice stories:
a little humour, a little heartache
but I found the stories lacking in someway.

In both Laura's and Gwen's stories lacked the firework show at the end, the story ran along pleasantly and they all lived happily ever after with no real threat or danager, just the ambigouity of a general 'he loves me? he loves me not?'. In Julia's story, I put the book down twenty pages from the end and was in no hurry to pick it back up again. However, I connected with the characters, they were three unique heroines with three equally unique heros each one of them struggling to come to terms with falling in love and everything that entails and the story lines moved a long nicely.

Sitting on the fence with a non committal 3/5.

I enjoy her writing style, so I have decided to go on a quest to find a Nora Roberts novel that truly captivates me 100%. Any recommendations?


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