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Sunday, 14 March 2010

YAY I'm writing again!

My week started with the first chapter in Life's A Ball?'s taking a dramatic twist ... the male lead Adam was about to say something incredibly profound ... its such a shame I wasn't able to hear him. The muse's return was only brief and now I'm back to playing with my website.

If you haven't checked out my site recently ... and by recently I mean in the last twenty four hours... then you should because it has new dynamic features.

Email Me! The new "email me" form makes contacting me easier than ever! Just pop your message on to the email form in the Contact Erin Page and press send. Your email is sent straight to me, without being stored on any third party servers and the great thing about modern technology is that your email will be delivered direct to my mobile phone so I'll get it wherever I am ... as long as I have a signal!

Erin Cawood Direct ... Keeping up with blog posts, website updates and news is also easier than ever! Just opt in to receive the newsletter and when anything changes it will be delivered direct to your inbox. The opt in form is on my home page!

I love it when my writing touches the hearts of my readers. I've had some really wonderful comments from readers on my Facebook Fan Page (theres a link on the left hand side). Fab Feedback is great and none has made me feel more proud than that given by Lanetta J Sprott a fellow author from Texas.

Lanetta J Sprott will be at Bloomin Fest (Somewhere in Texas) on the 3rd April 2010 to promote her books. (Where Forever Begins by Lanetta is a great read if anyone likes historical romances: Definate 5/5) Where the inspirational "Only You" will be available from her stall!

And finally ...

After much coersion and arm twisting (haha!) I am currently in the process of creating a free to download collection of poetry. Inside My Writing Space should be available by the end of March ... more to come on that later this month!



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