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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Gorgeous As Always & To Be As Big As Mama

The Unknown Ending was about how I felt during the last twelve months of my grandmother's life. She bounced back from the edge three times in that year and I never really knew whether "this was it". No one did.

When my grandmother passed away earlier this year, once again I turned to my poetry to express how I felt about losing her. I wanted to give a reading at her funeral and to read something that meant as much to me as she did.

I intended to re write The Unknown Ending now I had the answers to "unanswered questions" But at times like these, when we're walking down memory lane we end up remembering the good times. A funeral is a celebration of someone's life and To Be As Big As Mama is the result of the all the great memories I have of my grandmother.

After her funeral, I still intented to re write The Unknown Ending. But it didnt seem to matter how I tried it simply wouldn't change. As a writer, sometimes you have to accept that tweaking will only make it worse. So I gave up the re write and started something new. Something deeper that would express how much death can truly affect us.

Writing has always been a form of personal therapy for me and Gorgeous As Always is the result of truly connecting with my feelings over my Grandmother's passing.


Read the poem Gorgeous As Always and To Be As Big As Mama at


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