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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Taking A Walk Down Memory Lane

Once I discovered romance I would spend hours reading and writing about it. I was, and in some respects still am, a bit of a loner. I like to spend my time with the people I love I'm not a great fan of crowded places and once people go passed the drunk but still fun point of drinking, I find them intolerable. So I'm probably not the best person to go out night clubbing with! Ha-ha!

So when its freezing outside, like it is today ... and when I feel completely burnt out by the whole process of NaNoWriMo ... Like I do today ... and when I've done all the updates to my website that I possibly can, like I have today .... and I can't possibly spend the whole weekend veg-ing in front of the TV, like I did last weekend ... What can I do?

Then it hit me -or rather I almost broke my toe on it- I can take a walk down memory lane!

No I'm not going crazy! I have a box under my desk that most of the time is a foot rest during the countless hours I spend writing away. Inside this box, is a whole compendium of stories written by my younger self over ten years ago.

So whilst I'm stuck for inspiration for either Divine Intervention or Bridgewater Falls, I'm going to read, possibly publish works of yester year. 



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