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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Glass is Half Empty?

I am generally a bright and breezy kind of girl. I am generally a glass half full rather that half empty kind of girl and I think that this is a general theme within the poetry that I write. Upbeat and positive, and seeing the good in everything. However, June has been a definite glass half empty kind of month. Poetry is the best form of an emotional release for me and this pessimism has into been translated into the two poems I have written this month.

There is nothing bright and bubbly about the lack of sleep and Insomnia is about being physically exhausted and being so tired that your body aches, the phrase “I could sleep for a week” comes to mind. But your mind won’t stop running over insignificant little matters, it won’t stop rushing long enough for you to fall asleep, and every time you open your eyes it starts again. Yep, this happened to me in the second week of June and by the third week I was feeling very sorry for myself. People were asking if I was all right and I didn’t have the energy to smile, hence begin fed up of the disguise, bright smile and sparkly eyes.

There’s a definite half empty feel to The Unknown Ending. The last week of June has seen an event happen in my life that could have upset the balance of my world. It’s still too raw to explain. But luckily, everything remains on an even keel and I have found a little more optimism in the situation.

I have published a third poem this month. Written eighteen months ago for two of my friends who had passed away. Both had life threatening conditions, both passed away within days in of each other, Life’s Longest Mile keeps in with this half empty theme for July.

In contradiction of the half empty theme, I have been working on marketing my website. I have built this site in September 2008 and I have been maintaining the changes since then. At the bottom of the home page there are two new icons. A hits counter and a web statistics tag. Over the coming months I will be updating the site, making both noticeable and hidden changes that should increase the sites popularity and search engine visibility. I have created Squidoo account for me to create lenses about writing from my point of view and a blog to report on my marketing efforts. I have also posted an Interview on whohub. Read the Interview with Erin Cawood here.


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