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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

@GoddessFish Book Review Tour - Special Interests by Emma Barry @AuthorEmmaBarry

The Deets...

Compared to love, politics is easy

Union organizer Millie Frank’s world isn’t filled with cocktails and nightclubs…until she’s turned into an unwitting minor celebrity. As if being part of a hostage situation wasn’t traumatizing enough, now her face is splashed across the news. But Millie’s got fresher wounds to nurse—like being shot down by the arrogant bad boy she stupidly hit on.

Parker Beckett will do whatever it takes to close a deal for the senate majority leader, including selling out union labor. Charming and smart on the surface, he’s also cynical and uncommitted—an asset on the Hill. But something about Millie has stuck with him and when negotiations bring her to his office, Parker breaks his own rules and asks her out.

Parker can’t understand how Millie has retained her idealism in a place like D.C. Millie can’t believe what Parker’s willing to sacrifice in order to pass a budget. But as they navigate their political differences, what grows between them looks a lot like a relationship…and maybe even a little like love.

My Thoughts... 

Firstly, I hate politics! It makes me angry, I can't even watch those political debate programs because I end up shouting at the TV. What interested me in this story was the fact that so many love stories that have come before it have avoided the political arena as much as I do (or maybe I just don't see them). 

So ... we have two idealistic characters meeting, falling in love and setting out on a journey towards happily ever after, but love is never that simple. Despite the setting, I was pleasantly surprised to not be overwhelmed with the politics, and as a Brit I learned a thing or two about US politics. I loved the tussle between Millie and Parker and the way these two characters seek out to change the way people think about them. Millie as more than the celebrity she's occidentally found herself to be, and Parker no longer wants to be seen as the cynical guy with no interest in love. 

For anyone trying to escape from uni work (like me) or any other real world problems, this book is the perfect "getting away" for a little while. 
Thank you Emma Barry. 

Sneak Peek Inside...

The best part about having one of the most identifiable faces in the country, at least for the moment, was that you didn’t wait to put in an order. Millie Frank couldn’t remember when she’d had a bartender respond more quickly. Or when she’d received more smiles from strangers.

She straightened her dress in the mirror over the bar and fluffed her brown hair. She looked…fine. Her ensemble had Alyse’s stamp of approval, as did the smoky eye makeup, and what else was there, really? Looking or feeling like herself, perhaps, which she hadn’t in a week. Whatever herself even meant anymore.

She shoved a generous tip into the jar and turned on her heel, right into a be-pin-striped chest.

“Sorry!” She stepped back quickly, then clutched her glass with both hands, impressed she’d avoided spilling.

The guy she’d bumped into towered over her. She glanced up at him and half-grimaced, half-smiled in apology. It was an honest reaction, but good God, did it help cover her astonishment. He bore more than surpassing resemblance to the underwear model she had absolutely not been ogling in the window of H&M that afternoon. Except for the suit, of course. She assumed the suit covered a body as lovely as what was revealed: wavy brown hair, devastating dark eyes and absolutely perfect teeth.

He smiled and her knees buckled. He had to know the effect that might have on women and yet he did it anyway. Without warning, even. The jerk.

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Who is Emma Barry...?

Emma Barry is a novelist and full-time mama and graduate student. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves hugs from her toddler twins, her husband’s cooking, her cat’s whiskers, and Earl Grey tea.

Twitter: @AuthorEmmaBarry




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  1. I enjoyed the review and excerpt, thank you.


  2. I'm not one for politics either, so I found your review very helpful.


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