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Friday, 4 October 2013

Unexpectedly You by Lily Santana (@lilyoftheword) A @GoddessFish Promotion

 Unexpectedly You
by Lily Santana

I have great pleasure in welcoming Lily Santana to Beyond My Writing Space today, Unexpectedly You is Lily's first novel and after a long tiring weekend at work this was just the thing I needed to help me unwind and forget about rest of the world. I think its fab!

Lily is giving you the chance to win a lovely gift basket full of seaside goodies right here at this stop on her tour. And anyone who comments below will also be entered into the drawer for a $25.00 giftcard... see below for more details. 

The Deets...

To save his flailing real estate development project Mitch McKenna knows what he must do: persuade his nemesis and neighbor Emma LeFleur to go to bat for him and convince the town that he’s a sweetheart. Easy as pie, unless you consider he’s threatened to bulldoze her home with her in it.

Inside the Cover of Unexpectedly You...

Emma had just put away the last of the dishes when she heard a knock on the front door. David. Why can’t you just leave it be?
She trudged down the dark hallway, Bogie closely following at her heels. Sighing, she yanked open the door. “David—” Her words ground to a halt as she met a pair of intense blue eyes. 
“Sorry to disappoint,” Mitch said. 
“What do you want?” Her breath hitched in her throat. 
His gaze settled on her lips. “What did Bruin want to discuss with you?” 
“None of your business,” she snapped. She was sick of men trying to garner things out of her tonight. If she wanted to share something, she’d do it on her own.
His jaw clenched. “He didn’t stay long.” 
“So? What’s your point?” He rubbed his stubbled chin. “He couldn’t have had a chance to get out of the dugout.” 
Heat crept up her neck at his insinuation. “You actually think I would do something inappropriate with David for your sake? You really are a jerk.”
He waited a beat. “How far did you let him go for my sake?” 
She rolled her eyes. “Go to hell!” She attempted to slam the door, but he wedged his boot in the way. 
“I’ve been in hell for the last half hour,” he growled. In one smooth move, he slipped inside and shut the door behind him. 
Emma drew in a short breath. Like prey, the fight-or-flight instinct took over and she backed up the stairs one step at a time.

My thoughts on Unexpectedly You...

Smart, compassionate Emma LeFleur comes head to head with Mitch McKenna over everything. But mainly, the luxury condos he wants to build over the street, thus taking away her dog park and her beach view. There have already been many changes in Emma's life following the death of her husband, eighteen months ago. Including starting her business, and now her daughter is about to fly the nest and go off to college. 

Mitch McKenna is about to lose everything and a whole lot more if he loses the investor for his latest project, which is already months behind schedule thanks to Emma. She has made the progress as slow as possible by dragging him through as much red tape as possible. 

So when Emma needs to accept the offer Mitch made months ago he decides there's no one better to clear the red tape blocking construction progress than the very woman who caused it. But the sparks continue to fly and they succumb to the inevitable force that is the heat radiating between them.

I really enjoyed Unexpectedly You. Emma and Mitch have the kind of chemistry that drawers you in. I found myself laughing out loud at various places. Santana handles the grieving widow moving on storyline with the elegance and grace it deserves and without throwing it in your face every time Emma and Mitch's relationship takes one step closer to more than 'frenemies'. 

I also enjoyed the opening and closing scenes with Emma's daughter. It made me chuckle because I have nieces and nephews that age and yes they do talk like that. 

If you enjoy a good romance that sweeps you away then Unexpectedly You is a fabulous way to spend Sunday afternoon.

Full disclosure: I received a review copy of Unexpectedly You and this has not affected my opinion.

The giveaway ...

Lily will be awarding a gift basket with beach related stuff - salt water taffy, sand dollars, Carina Press discount coupon postcard, etc. (US Only) and one randomly commenter during the tour will win a $25.00 gift card to Amazon.

So leave your thoughts below. 

Who is Lily Santana...?

Lily Santana is an author of contemporary romance. Her first book, Unexpectedly You will be released August 26, 2013 with Carina Press.

Lily is a native of the Philippines but stewed for twenty-five years in the melting pot of New York City to which she credits her respectable ability to curse in multiple foreign languages. Fortunately, she also discovered the NYC Library where she spent countless hours daydreaming of one day becoming an author.

Like many of her readers, she began reading romance as a tween when she stumbled fortuitously upon her mother's stash of Harlequins and Mills & Boon. She loves sexy alpha heroes with a sense of humor and a little bit o’ grit.

Today Lily lives in the rainy Pacific Northwest with her two adorable puppies. When she's not writing, Lily spends her time splashing into puddles, shucking oysters, and learning to eat ice cream in the rain.

Learn more at or email her at  Follow her on Twitter @lilyoftheword


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  1. Great review, I can't wait to read it.


  2. Erin, thank you so very much for the review. I believe I'll be having a mimosa with my breakfast to celebrate. I'm thrilled to be here with you today and look forward to meeting your readers.


    1. It's fab to have you here. Come back anytime. :)

  3. Very nice review

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  4. Erin...I like your blog.
    Lily...I grew up in Jersey City, NJ and spent many hours in the NYC Public Library. I'm now a librarian in NC. I spent a lot of time sitting with Patience and Fortitude--the 2 lions at the steps of the library branch on 5th Avenue.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  5. Oh my gosh! Then you know exactly where I spent my lunch hours eating a hot dog and people watchin! So great to meet you!

  6. I've really enjoyed this tour and loved discovering this novel and learning more about it!

    My best,


  7. Thank you for your thoughts. Most helpful.

    It has been a great tour thank you.


  8. Hi All,

    BN100 won the beach themed gift bag. Thank you to everyone for commenting and I hope to chat with you again on a future tour.

    Thanks Erin for hosting me!

    Lily Santana


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