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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

#TemptationTuesday - Deceiving an Heiress by Judy Teel

It's Tuesday so here's a little bit of temptation.

This week temptation comes in the form of a protector and a victim attempting to do the right thing and resisting the added complication that temptation would throw in their way. I bring to you  an except from Deceiving an Heiress.

Judy Teel's third installment from the Cinderella Heiresses series is a delightful read. When Judy sent me the excerpt I fell in love with Piper and Alex. I love characters that sizzle and sparkle. I simply had to know what happened next. So I bought and had the pleasure of reading Deceiving an Heiress. So I thoroughly enjoyed the chemistry and bravado you're about to read for the entire story!

 Deceiving an Heiress - By Judy Teel

"I'm not spending the night in your bedroom," Alex whispered. He had his limits, for God's sake.
She hauled him past sparkling clean marble counter tops, state-of-the-art appliances, and a spacious dark wood table with six chairs pushed in around it. He wondered why Mrs. Roseland even bothered to have a table in the kitchen. She hadn't struck him as the type who would eat in such a humble room or stand around the counter like his family had.
"Considering your annoying and diligent rejection of me, you have no worries in that department." Piper scrunched her nose in disapproval. "Just put on your acting hat and be my fiancé for the next twelve hours, and we're good."
Slipping past the end of the counter, she headed for what looked like a closet door.
"It's not that I don't find you attractive—"
"Shut up, Alex. And don't you dare say, 'I just want to be friends.'" Piper opened the door, revealing a narrow staircase. Without a pause, she headed up it, dragging him behind her.
"I wasn't going to." Not now, anyway.
If she only knew how jacked up her touch on his wrist made him, she wouldn't be concerned about her sex appeal. Instead, she'd be worried about getting the door shut before he jumped her right there on the stairs.
Alex made a valiant effort to stop looking at her ass and the way her caramel-blonde hair bounced when she walked. His mouth watered at the enticing glimpses of the back of her neck. He ignored that too. Sort of.
At the top of the stairs, Piper stalked down a long hall, pulling him past a large home theater designed to look like it came straight out of the 1940's. She then took a sharp right that dumped them directly into a luxuriously appointed living room. A small room for this house. Maybe twenty by fifteen, he'd guess.
She let go of his wrist and doubled back to shut and lock the door behind him. Leaning against it, she released a long, relieved sigh.
Alex swept his gaze around the room, automatically cataloging details. An unsurprising turquoise, white and chrome decor dominated the modern furnishings. A spacious bathroom with a huge Jacuzzi tub opened to the left, to the right a set of French doors that led to a luxury bedroom and across from him a matching set framed a balcony that overlooked the pool in the back.
The suite was a perfect reflection of Piper—fresh, high-end, and so beyond his world he might as well be standing on the moon.
"I'll take the couch," he said. He took off his jacket and tossed it onto a chair, glad he'd left his shoulder holster in the truck. The idea of Piper with access to a weapon sent cold chills down his spine.
She pushed away from the door and dropped her purse to the floor. "She'll be listening," she said in a hushed voice. "We'll have to make this convincing."
He lifted a brow. "If you're talking about sounding like we're making love, forget it."
"Just groan and grunt a lot. I'll do the rest. Come on." Piper headed for the bedroom.
Self preservation insisted that he stay right where he was.
"Are you coming?" she called from the other room.
"Absolutely not."
"Have it your way." The bed gave a soft creak. "Oh, Alex," Piper moaned. She fell back onto the thick, white comforter, her head landing on the side that he could see from the living room. Her eyes were closed, the long column of her neck exposed like a sleek, smooth banquet.
She let out another long moan and sweat broke out across his forehead. As he watched, she rolled back and forth, releasing little gasping pants.
His cock grew heavy, aching with the need for her. What was she doing in there?
"Yes, Alex," she gasped.
Jesus. A man could only take so much.
He kicked off his shoes and stalked into the bedroom. Quick impressions washed over him as he stormed toward the bed—the clean, lush lines of a room swirling with turquoise and white; a tall, broad window; a door leading to another bathroom. And Piper lying sprawled across the bed, her eyes shut and her pink, plump mouth slightly open as if in the throws of an orgasm.
His desire spiked at the same time a flash of disappointment flared in his gut. The zipper and snap of her jeans were closed up as tightly as they'd been moments before and her hands lay innocently next to her hips; not at all what he'd pictured. That wasn't going to stop him, though. Not this time.
The bed sagged and bounced as he planted a knee on either side of her hips and braced his hands above her shoulders. Her gaze flew open, surprise and a touch of alarm flashing through her green eyes when she saw him looming over her.
"You want games, Piper? I can give you games," he growled. Before she could protest, Alex crushed her lips with his. He didn't try to be gentle. He wasn't in the mood. Instead, he moved his mouth over hers, demanding and insistent and when her lips parted, he thrust his tongue into her mouth with quick, strong strokes, mimicking the rhythm of what she'd pretended they were doing.
If he was going to be accused of sleeping with her, he damn well wanted the satisfaction of actually doing it.
Piper groaned low in her throat and her hand slid up his waist, brushed across his stomach, and went straight to his throbbing cock. She pressed her palm against him, rubbing up and down through the thin material of his pants. His blood heated, incinerating the last shreds of his patience.
He moved his mouth along her jaw and across the smooth line of her neck to the sweet hollow just above her collar bone. He gave the sensitive spot a gentle bite making her gasp, then soothed it with his tongue.
Leaning to the right, he swept his left hand down the side of her breast and across her ribs before tugging her shirt from the waistband of her jeans. When she didn't protest, he kept going until she was free of it.
Her breasts swelled above her black bra like a sweet promise, igniting the string of imagined scenes that had plagued him since the moment he saw her. For an instant, he wished they had an endless medley of days to play them all out, but that was impossible.
Once the attraction they felt for each other was satisfied and their insane lust satisfied, they'd back away from this moment and pretend it had never happened.
As Alex traced a forefinger up the silky skin of her stomach, he swore that he would not lose himself in the lushness of Piper's body. They would enjoy themselves and be done with it, just like she'd said.
With a quick flick of his fingers, he undid the front clasp of her bra and slipped his hand under the material. He reveled for a moment in the firm, soft wonder of Piper's breast in his hand, then pushed the bra aside.
A delicate tan ran across the top of her exposed breast, a mesmerizing contrast to the creamy pale skin below and the dark pink peak. His breath hitched in his throat and the pounding heat in his groin sharpened.
Cupping her, he circled his thumb over the nipple. Her eyes darkened and she arched into his palm.
He gazed down into her, an unfamiliar part of him wanting reassurance. "Is this really what you want, Piper?"
A seductive smile tilted her mouth as yearning flared to life in her eyes. Her nimble hands unbuckled his belt and undid the button on his pants. She pulled his zipper down slowly, the soft scrape of it an agonizing joy.
"What do you think?" she said, pushing his pants open.

You can buy Deceiving an Heiress at Amazon US | Amazon UK 

Deceiving an Heiress will also be available on Nook from April 17th

Also available in the Cinderella Heiresses:
Seducing an Heiress
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  1. Thank you for featuring Deceiving an Heiress, Erin. I'm so glad you enjoyed Alex and Piper's story! :-)

    1. I love Alex and Piper! They made me chuckle so much. Deceiving an Heiress was a fabulous read :-)

  2. Okay. I'm sold. Who can resist these two? Must. Read.

    1. Oh I agree! It's definitely one to add to the list :)


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