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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ask Faith: What Brings You Joy?

Last week I introduced a new regular feature on my blog called "Ask Faith". With so many people connecting with Tainted Love's Faith McKenzie through her story, I wanted to bring you the opportunity to get to know her a little more. 

Do you want to know what her favorite color is? Or maybe if what side of the bed she prefers to sleep on? Maybe you'd like to asked her why she stays with Calvin? Or why she let her brother leave her life for so long?

Now's your chance to ask her anything you'd like. 

This weeks question comes from Deb Nam-Krane: "Faith, what brings you joy?"

My family.
I have four wonderful children. I'm so proud of Georgia, she's doing so well at college. I love to see her with her father. The way she flies into his arms on a return home from school. And Caleb, whatever divine intervention spurred him on to his chosen path, he is flying towards the honor roll now. The school head doesn't know what's come over him. He rushes around like a crazy person trying to achieve the best grades and recommendations to go to med school. But he never fails to stop, kiss his little sisters or to hug me. He always says 'love you Mom' instead of goodbye. And the little ones, Caitlyn and Zoe. They really are two little peas in a pod. I wish their father had more time to spend with them. He's missing out on so much cuddling before bed time. But Calvin's just so busy with the clinic.
I miss my brother, Darryl. I miss him a lot. Cal is still very angry and he's so ... I don't know how to describe what he is like at the moment, he changes from one minute the next. Its hard to know if I'm doing the right thing or not. But he's not always like that. Some days he'll come home from work and he has roses for me, or chocolates, or something more extravagant like jewelery. He'll kiss me like he hasn't seen me in weeks and he makes my body shiver with delight, because I know from the way he holds me or the way he touches me as though I might break, and I just know that he loves me more today that he did the day on the beach when he asked me to marry him.
That's what brings me joy.
All that unconditional love.

If you have any questions for Faith, leave them in the comments on this blog.



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