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Sunday, 16 August 2009

You Won't See Me Cry

You Won't See Me Cry is a difficult one to explain. I was looking through my romantic peotry one day in August and realised that I've never written a poem from the point of view of relationship break up.

I challenged my high level of empathy to the test and attempted to write something I've never had personal experience of before.
To write this I tried to get into the head of my character from my current work in progress Life's A Ball. Elle doesnt believe in true love. She doesn't believe that she ever find someone she loves enough to risk letting them break her heart. So the first paragraph is about her sceptism of Love. "Trust me, you say, and I'll hold your hand" Is the opening line and it creates the same sense of mistrust. It is followed by three further lines that have the same connotation. I followed the same theme of sceptism into the second verse, although she is taking the chance, she is wary of it. The third paragraph I opened with no mistrust or sceptism at all. It is as though the character has actually fallen in love.

It isn't untill the end of the third verse that we learn all is not well. "Maybe I should know its a matter of time" In the fourth stanza we learn that things have gone wrong. We also learn the the character blames herself for trusting her lover in the first place. We are drawn into her pain and can imagine the door closing as he leaves and Elle falling into a blubbering heap on the floor, even she acknowledges that it will happen. But Elle is a strong character, she is the proverbial brick wall and she is determined to remain strong in front of her love and she says in the closing line of the poem "No matter how much this hurts me, you won't see me cry"


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