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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fresco - The Diamond City Trilogy #1 - By Patti Larsen

For those of you who know me, my writing and the books I read, you'll know I live in a rose tinted happy ever after, head in the clouds fiction kind of world. But you'll also know before Christmas I discovered a new author who had me on the edge of my seat and forgetting to go to bed. So when Patti's new Urban fantasy The Diamond City Trilogy came out around the same time as I broke up from University for Easter I thought what better way to relax. 

Meet Fresco, a typical suburban teenage kid. His Mom bakes him cookies, he plays on the school football team and his best friend is a bit of a jock too. Fresco even has a skeleton in the closet, his brother, Daniel, isn't at college like everyone else thinks. He's an addict and long gone, where? Fresco doesn't know. When Fresco survives a car accident that should have killed him all kinds of weird things begin to happen. He starts to hear people's thoughts and men in dark suits come for him in the middle of the night. Suddenly, his brother's choices are Fresco's reality. 

Deep in a dark new life on the city streets Fresco discovers his old life masked deception and betrayal. The real world is corrupted by a corporation cover up and there are many kids who are just like him, even Daniel. Fuelled by an addiction that will ultimately kill them and gifted with abilities they cannot use. But what makes Fresco special is he figures out how to break his addiction and use his gifts freely.

Patti Larsen takes you on a dark journey with Fresco's slip into all consuming addiction to the 'blue joy'. Its compelling, there were bits I didn't want to read but I didn't want to put it down either and you can't hide behind cushions when you're reading! Its not that Fresco is scary, far from it, but its real. Once I'd taken off my rose tinted glasses and Fresco was coming out of his darkest point I really enjoyed reading part one of The Diamond City Trilogy. I loved the combination of personalities. Fresco's love interest Parker is an interesting character who depicts the contrasting long term effects of an addiction to Fresco's new born ones. The chemist Medley is abrupt and quirky, she took up home in a place in my heart, but I particularly have soft spot for Apple. The cute sisterly type character who takes a shine to Fresco. She's sweet and a ray of sunshine in the dark clouds.

By the time I got to the end I explosive ending... exciting and upsetting... I was itching to get my hands on part 2 - Wasteland.


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